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Here's a list of 101 things about me*:

  1. I like carrots (with a side of salt)
  2. I like ANYTHING with a side of salt
  3. I like salt
  4. I like miracle whip a little too much
  5. I'm in a phase where I actually like the color pink
  6. There was a time when I wanted to be a weathergirl
  7. I've been accepted to 3 different colleges
  8. I'm good at listening
  9. I think the best time for coffee is late at night

  10. My night doesn't start until 11:13pm
  11. I had a goldfish named Speedy who lived to be 5
  12. My mom bought me a houseplant with pink leaves, I named it Pinky, and proceeded to kill it ruthlessly and methodically at the age of 9
  13. I started smoking when I was 16
  14. One time I quit for 15 days
  15. I have excellent organizational skills
  16. I know zippo tricks!
  17. I know how to do that bridge thing when you shuffle playing cards
  18. I actually enjoy playing magic the gathering
  19. I love winter!

  20. I've moved 7 times in my life
  21. I lived in 3 different states
  22. I ran away to Virginia when I was 16, I had an APB and a missing persons report out on me too
  23. I was 17 when I graduated high school
  24. I see shapes in the popcorn ceiling stuff
  25. I didn't know I was an artist
  26. The first time I drew something well, I told my sister I was possessed
  27. I know all the words to the entire Paula Cole "This Fire" album
  28. I know lotsa words to lotsa things
  29. I've been in choir pretty much my whole life

  30. I was in the Michigan State Vocal Music Association's 2001 State Honors Choir
  31. My senior year I was an Alto II (way low) and a Second Soprano (pretty high) all in one concert
  32. I have a keen eye for fashion and design
  33. I'm more of a deep, emotional thinker than a rational one
  34. I think pr0n is funny
  35. I want to learn how to juggle
  36. I can make REALLY weird faces
  37. I'm pretty good at making people laugh
  38. I know all the lines in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
  39. The only other country I've been to is Canada

  40. I want to go to Venice sometime in my life
  41. I'm really scared of deep water that I can't see through like lakes and oceans
  42. I'm not afraid of the dark anymore
  43. I want to eventually quit smoking
  44. I am an open book, you ask, I'll tell ya
  45. There was never a time when I totally gave up
  46. I put myself into therapy
  47. I'm a firm believer of treating yourself to things you don't get to have often
  48. I've had seven jobs since I was 16
  49. I got fired once

  50. I've had 4 boyfriends
  51. My favorite color is blue
  52. I'm a virgo
  53. My lucky number is 18
  54. I'm big on family
  55. I'm addicted to the show "Sex and the City"
  56. I've eaten about every weird tropical fruit you can imagine
  57. I used to play the Viola
  58. and the flute
  59. and the pots and pans too

  60. My siblings and I used to perform science experiments out of our bedroom windows
  61. I grind my teeth when I sleep
  62. I've never had a cavity
  63. I never got stung by a bee
  64. I say "knock on wood" a lot
  65. I'm superstitious
  66. I'm a neat freak
  67. I surround myself with people that I love and respect
  68. I used to hate the color orange
  69. I still hate the color yellow

  70. My favorite painter is Kandinsky
  71. I love to write
  72. I'm a crazy-good speller
  73. I like to make up words
  74. and then stomp everyone at trying to spell them
  75. I'm totally convinced you spell "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" like that
  76. even though the sound of it is often quite atrocious
  77. Birds really scare me
  78. My favorite movies are: The Fugitive, The Little Mermaid and Ace Ventura When Nature Calls
  79. I like playing poker

  80. When I was 3, I fell on a chair and had to get stitches, I called my scar "my star"
  81. My favorite candy is ze 5th Avenue bar
  82. I have a bad ankle (it's the right one)
  83. There's a really funny story about how I busted it too
  84. I absolutely LOVE pecan pie
  85. My favorite book is "Rule of the Bone" by Russell Banks
  86. My most favoritest friend lives in Pennsylvania
  87. I really like purses a lot (damn you, Kristen!!!)
  88. It is always better to give than to receive
  89. I bit a girl in preschool

  90. I attribute my singing to the movie, The Little Mermaid
  91. In 5th grade I was in district chorus
  92. I flew to Oklahoma
  93. I sang "Hymn of Promise" for a communion all by myself
  94. I installed the plumbing for a house in Appalachia
  95. I helped my dad put a new toilet in our house
  96. I can change a tire
  97. I love driving
  98. My favorite band is Tool
  99. I've watched Fight Club about 35 times

  100. Harrison Ford is HOTTT
  101. My middle name is Joyce
*And only one of these things is NOT true.
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