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Saturday, August 13th, 2003 - 12:31 am
[Current Music] The Ataris - In This Diary

Tonight I went to my Aunt Deb's house. She and my sister were having a conversation in the other room while I made myself unnoticed in the kitchen. The things my Aunt was saying to my sister were some of the wisest things I've heard in a long time. At that exact moment I realized how truely lucky I am to have people who care so much about my success in my life. My Aunt lives so close to me, yet I've never utilized her as a resource for wisdom. Throughout my life and all my personal growths and changes, she's been there with me pushing for my success and I never knew it until that moment in her kitchen. The same goes with my parents, my whole family really...they're all so proud of us for moving out on our own, being self-sufficient and planning every step of the way.

Aunt Deb took us out to buy a slip cover for our super ugly floral couch with no legs, for shich she came up with an ingenious way to keep it off the floor, I was stunned at the simplicity of it....saying, "Wow, I NEVER would have thought of that....that's the best idea ever, WOW!" Well, you had to be there, I really was stunned. Heh, what can I say, I'm easily amused...it happens. Anyways, well, a slipcover turned into a chair, a fan, storage containers, 4 new pillows, a bedroom rug, a coffee pot, a totally sweet 3-wick candle (with stand) and a whole bunch of other stuff....over $300 and all she wants is for us to invite her over for dinner. Beth and I couldn't thank her enough for everything she's done. She even offered to buy us a vaccuum cleaner as our birthday gifts. I couldn't believe it. So, my Aunt Deb totally kicks ass. Well, she kicked ass to begin with, but...she kicks more ass now.

I've got a lot to do yet. Tomorrow I'm bringing the rest of my packed boxes into the garage as well as my coffee table, TV, and couch. The stereo is staying in there until I move because, well, it needs to be in there with me at all times. I'm reupholstering my desk chair tomorrow too, it's gonna rock. All day Thursday, I'm helping Beth pack up her room. She's got until Saturday morning to get all of her stuff packed and into the garage, so, that'll be nice to give her a day or two more to pack and get things ready to move, since she's still working her ass off at the "plantation". I'm so excited for this. Moving out. Away from Flint. On our own.

To everyone who's helped my sister and I, and supported us in our desicion to bust outta here, I greatly appreciate it. To all y'all who've heard me babble about everything in regards to the new tupperware I bought, or all the pink stuff for my bedroom, thanks for not getting too annoyed with me. To everyone who's gonna come see the apartment when it's all put together, BOYB and get your asses down here ASAP. I love you all so much. You're the best friends any person could ever have. I won't be online for a while, as we won't have internet right away. If you'd like to call me, my cell # is 517.881.1307 I'll hook you guys all up with the new address and phone number as soon as we get that stuff available. Love you much...


Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up. These are the best days of our lives. The only thing matters is just following your heart, And eventually you'll finally get it right.

Saturday, July 26th, 2003 - 11:47 pm
[Current Music] Disturbed - Prayer

Well folks, the clock is ticking....to when I finish working (11 Days), when I move out(15 days), and when I start school(26 days). I'm as excited as I've ever been since my sister and I decided to move out, but honestly, I'm scared as fuck too. I have to work, pay bills, go to school and do REALLY well....it's going to take a lot more discipline on my part than I've delt myself in the past.

In other news, work at Bob Evans is going pretty well. I'm picking up a ton of days and hours for the last couple days I'll be working. I'm really going to miss that place. For all the bitching I do about my job, I really do love it, and all the people I work with. I got my One Year pin yesterday. I've never worked anywhere for an entire year....it makes me feel really good. On top of that, I've worked my ass off this summer....saved $2,000+ in the bank, bought most of the stuff we need for our apartment and put down the $300 deposit. I'm so proud of myself. I've accomplished so much in the past few months. Everyone keeps telling me that they're so proud of what my sister and I have decided to do...I've got nothing but praise for my work at Bob Evans, but I can't understand why I'm so scared that I won't succeed. In all my planning to move out, I've kind of put school on the back burner, and that's the driving force for the decision to leave home....I hope I can remember how to do homework lol...

aaannnd...yeah, that's all I got floating around in my head at the moment...oh, wait! Heh, I got my nipples pierced...they're cool. Okay, now I don't have anything else bouncing around in my brain...g'bye.

Friday, March 14th, 2003 - 3:39 pm
[Current Music] Stratovarius - Full Moon

I went to Lansing yesterday with my sister and Megan. We went to Lansing Community College, and I applied there, got accepted and took my placement test, which I did well on. It wasn't hard at all, I averaged 2 questions per minute, I was kinda scared that I finished that early but I got the highest rating in reading and writing, and the second highest in math, so that's pretty cool. We all had lunch before my test 'cause my brain was about to leak out of my skull. We also *cough* checked out some apartments *cough, cough* my god, it was like something out of a movie. 3 small town chicks lookin to rent an apartment in a college town, and it's all dissheveled and horrid, people livin there look like they're from off the street....elevators with astro turf and "fuck off" in yellow spray paint, old apartments covered in wine and liquor bottles, refridgerators leaking onto the kitchen floor, and a shelf behind the closet door with a bowl on it. I was waiting for a rat to come out of the old back pack laying on the floor. Aside from that, we found an apartment complex that looks promising. If we turn the living room into a third bedroom, we're all set. All three of us are going to try and save up all the rent money we need for a year during the summer. That's approximately $320 every week for 16 weeks. So we're planning a garage sale, complete with lemonade, soda and cookies (and of course a trash can for "Cans Only"....gotta love the 10 cent deposit.) 2 Cookies for $0.80 or 3 for $1.00, heh heh, we're gonna be profiterring bastards this summer, and I'd do almost anything for money to move out. So, yay!!!! I'm freaking excited.

Monday, March 3rd, 2003 - 3:23 am
[Current Music] Glassjaw - Ape Dos Mil

I watched Y Tu Mama Tambien tonight. That's all I can really say, that and, "wow."

I also watched some Cowboy Bebop Episodes. Two things that really make you think in one evening.

Then my friend Brandon is moving to Arizona, and he's leaving at 6am. I haven't seen him in like 3 weeks, so I went to say goodbye just now. On the way home, the streets were totally empty, and I kept thinking how this stupid, shitty town has become my hometown, and how weird it felt to think that......I don't miss Levittown anymore. I hated that town too. I guess the only thing I liked was the security I had there. Maybe it was just because I was so much younger then, but I dunno. Everything's so different now. But different in a scary cool way...

Monday, February 17th, 2003 - 4:00 am

Okay, so it was 11:30 when Beth went to bed, and Megan and I were bored. So I was like, "I want to make cookies." So, uhh, we did! We ventured over to Megan's because my house is sadly understocked with baked-goodie ingredients. So, we searched for a recipe, and gathered all the stuff, and improvised a little. Whilst preparing the dough, we munched on baked beans, and had a dandy ol' time. Without further adue, here's the recipe for the world's best cookies. Seriously, make these like, right now. I'm not kidding, quick, preheat the oven....

Megan and Andrea's World's Best Cookies:

1/2 cup butter
1 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 and 1/4 cup oatmeal (we used Quaker Oats Instant Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal)
6oz chocolate
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
2 cap fulls vegetable oil
1 egg
1 cup flour
1/2 cup walnuts

Melt butter.
Combine with sugar & brown sugar.
Mix well.
Then add egg, baking soda, salt, & flour.
Mix then add to dry mixture of oatmeal, chocolate, and walnuts.
Place in mounds (2" apart) on cookie sheet.
Bake for 10 minutes at 375.


For real, you'll love us later. This is the best improvised cookie recipe ever.
And I mean it! These cookies rock!

Friday, February 14th, 2003 - 4:12 am

So tonight I was gonna go see the midnight showing of Daredevil, but apparently, this "supposed" showing wasn't to occur. My brother was gonna call me, and let me know when it was, but I never heard back from him. So, I talked to Megan online, and asked her to go with me, so yay, we went up to East, lo and behold, there's a bunch of cars in the parking lot, but they're all obviously not there for Daredevil. So, Megan and I decide to venture into Davison and have some diner food. Out to Archie's we went, off State street downtown. We got there around 12:20, and were there until 2am. We talked about so much stuff, oddly enough, we both came to the same conclusion that everytime just Megan and I hang out, we end up talking about our weird dreams. It was pretty sweet. We went through our cell phones and talked about all the people we do and don't call, sifted through our wallets and pulled out frequent drink cards from Borders and Kessel plus cards, cause everyone should have at least one Kessel card. I just like getting my recipt that says I saved $0.30, it's 30 freakin' cents, but I don't care, more money to go in the coin jar. It's great hangin out with Megan cause we always find something to talk about. On the way home at 2, we were both talking about how we don't have any money-based goals, and how Megan wants to move out, and I want a car. So, we've both decided to get new savings accounts, and deposit a reasonable percentage of our earnings into savings accounts, and check eachother's progress every Thursday...(weird day, I know, but it just worked out.) So, now we've both got goals. This week we're going to keep track of how much money we make and decide what's a reasonable amount to put in our accounts, cigarettes and gas considered, and we're gonna talk about it on the 24th of this month. I'm really excited to have a goal, and it's always so much better, not to mention easier, to have another person to motivate you to do something. Goals are refreshing. Everyone should have one. I had so much fun tonight. I did hardly anything, but talking is fabulous.

The End.

Friday, February 7th, 2003 - 11:53 pm

So, I finally figured out why I could never date a guy shorter and skinnier than myself. If we were to ever have sex, I'd most indefinately smother him with my breasts. In a simple alignment of the genitals, if I were to lean forward, they would land directly over not just one, but both breathing orphases. Not to mention, any man smaller than me is either very dumb, or just plain stupid. Number one, that whole breast smothering thing could get a lil guy in BIIIIG trouble, and number two, any guy with the guts to be looking straight ahead and just happens to be staring straight at my *smirk* ginormous rack is asking to get their tiny head bitch-slapped straight off their tiny shoulders. Speaking of breasticles...I think that's my only imperfection...one's bigger than the other. I was talking to my mom about this the other day, I was like, "Mom, my boobs are lopsided." And you know what she says to me? She goes, "Well, maybe you shouldn't masturbate so much." My jaw dropped halfway to Nigeria and with a gasp, (you know that exhaspirated, "ohh mom, I can't believe you just said 'masturbate'") I said, "MOM!!!!" Then I thought to myself and said, "Maybe the right one's bigger than the left because I'm constantly on the computer, and the mouse just happens to be on my right side." But that's okay, cause my left one is the favorite. It's the one all the boys like too. Cause you know when you're layin down, and their right hand is occupied 'elsewhere', it's the easy one to grab. It's my own compact boobie! Fits right in your hand. *nod* Yeaaaaahhhh, just like that. The right one gets enough action in the car rollin' down my bumpy street though. Oh yeah, it's paved, but it feels like you're in a jeep off-roading commercial. I think I forget the rest of the evening because my breasts bounce around so much they must fly up.... *slow motion movement* and smack my head. Like a ninja boobie slap. TA-DOW!! *darts eyes around and passes out* Then I wake up in the morning, and for some reason, my right nipple has seatbealt burn marks on it. Thank you, y'all have been great! Have a good night!

Wednesday, February 5th, 2003 - 10:25 pm

I made a necklace for this lady, Pam, I work with the other day, and after work, I came home and got it so I could bring it up to work for her. She loved it. For a second, I thought she was gonna cry or something, but she didn't thank God, I would have felt weird. She did keep hugging me though and saying thank you. She also said I should make her daughter, Tammy one too. Oh, and send it to Wisconsin for her too. I was like, yeah, I can do that all the while thinking, yeah, I'll go send your daughter, who never talks to me by the way, a necklace, but that's just because I'm too nice to say no. Damn me and my niceness. Anyways I'm out like a fat girl in dodgeball...as Josh would say. I miss that dude. Later y'all.

Tuesday, February 4th, 2003 - 2:52 am

I've been thinking about so much stuff lately, sometimes it just drives me crazy. I wish I had a tape recorder in my brain so I could remember everything I think about during the day. It would be a pretty weird conversation, I tell you that much.

So today I was thinking about brains. Thinking about thinking. That has a name, like a Psychological name....meta cognition I think it is...I dunno. So anyways, I kept thinking about how babies are born with only a few thousand synapses in their brains making them abnormally smooth in texture when compared to an adult brain with billions of synapses and memories in it. Every wrinkle is more surface area for memories. But when we die, or tissues get destroyed by disease or drugs, everything turns to mush. I wonder what my brain looks like. Where are my wrinkles? Where in my brain is my memory of pulling caterpillars apart when I was a kid? I'd really like to know.

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