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Welcome to the new and improved Tammy's Place.

I have designed my Website mainly to help me with finding others who are living in
similar situations. People who would also like to share with helping one another. My
hope is to try to feel some what better about these situations and try to make as
much sense as possible out of it all.

I have been living with both Crohn's Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis for about 10 years now. Plus let us not forget all those ever so fun little Screws and Corks that
have come and still have yet to come, that are oh so enjoyable!

I am a stay at home disabled, Full-time Stepmarmy And like I said above about
those Screws and Corks. Well let me tell ya... There's only ONE Screw and Cork here, and trust me, just as enjoyable!

I am forever in search of my Spirit and you may find a little bit of it here in my Spirit pages. You will find things like my Sweethearts page, Inspirational poetry, Yoga, Meditation, Recipes, Crafts, and most of all Support, as I'll give and receive it in any size, shape or form! In essence, you will find things that make me feel heavenly, so I may try
to provide my loved ones with a more open minded, encouraging, creative, nurturing, loving me. Essentially the best possible me.

Most importantly our children are everything! So please let's not forget about them!
Check out my Kewl Kids pages. With the help of my wee ones, we will try to make
these pages fun and exciting for all ages.

I started building websites in 1999 and shortly after I began to create my own graphics. The experience of Website design, maintenance and graphic design gives me great pleasure. I would love to create a website or webpage just for you! — Please contact me via email: stepmarmy@hotmail.com with any questions

So make yourself comfortable, grab a drink and enjoy your selves. Always remembering... Find your breath, Keep your patients, Smile and truly be kind to one another!

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