For those who survived and for those who didn't...
If I die before I wake, pray the Lord my soul to take
This site was made as a memory of the children. A memory of the children who died and a contribution to the children who are trying to survive.

This site is made for me, but it's also made for you, so that you can see, understand and do something to help others as well as yourself.

This site was made as a result of a small tought, but it also was made as a result of many years of struggle for survival. It was made because I've been there and still am fighting the memories, my memories.

There are different ways to recover after child sexual abuse. I guess there is as many ways as there are people. And we are many. That is one of the things that I've learnt during my time by the computer, talking to my friends all over the world; we are many and we can help each other. 
This site is made with a bit of help from a friend of mine. She was the one who was abused. She was me as a child. She is the one making it possible for me to tell you her story, my story and I hope that you are willing to listen and I will listen too.
This site is hers and mine, welcome to our website!
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