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Savio met Simon when they played in the local band Lethal Weapons in 1991. In 1993, they formed another group called Photosynthesis. He then moved to Vancouver, Canada in early 1994 where he met Anthony, Victor, and Ken (as well as many other great guys and gals). Though he keeps his ears open to a variety of styles of music, his major influences include guitarists Eric Johnson and Robbin Ford.

Besides music, he is a movie lover. Some of his favorite movies are the "Starwars" trilogy, "Seven", "Pulp Fiction", "Contact", "Edwood", "The Shining" and many, many others.

Here are some of Savio's favorite albums (not in any particular order):
1. "Venus Isle" - Eric Johnson;
2. "Handful of Blues" - Robbin Ford;
3. "Awake" - Dream Theatre;
4. "The Hunter" - Jennifer Warnes;
5. "The Empire Strikes Back" (OSC) - John Williams
6. "Nightmare Before Christmas" (OSC) - Danny Elfman
7. "Amanda Marshall" - Amanda Marshall
8. "The Philosopher Kings" - The Philosopher Kings
9. "Famous, Rich and Beautiful" - The Philosopher Kings
10. "Pilgrim" - Eric Clapton
11. "Butterfly" - Mariah Carey
12. "Aerial View" - Gamalon

(* The first vinyl record Savio ever owned was "The Empire Strikes Back" (OSC) by John Williams. He bought the Special Edition re-issue of it in 1998.)

Savio is presently a full-time electrical engineer.  When he is not an engineer (most evenings) he is either jamming with Tangent, watching movies or recording guitar tracks for various types of music; sometimes for Tangent, sometimes for jingles, sometimes for demos of his own compositions, and once for a movie theme song which involved Leon Lai (rumor). 

He is also heavily interested in mixing music, sometimes even re-mixing. Once he almost wrote a new tune by reversing a song on 4-track tape and adding effects to the guitar track.  This guy is very dangerous and should be tightly supervised in public with guitars at the legal limit of a minimum of 200 metres away from him, and out of sight. 

The SAR government has recently advised the HK Police to post "Wanted" posters of this guy, and may soon be pushed into issuing an arrest warrant for hideous crimes such as "extreme mixing".

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