There are many inspirational sites on the internet. While some may inpire your imagination, others inspire your heart. They may help you find something to live for, overcome your fears, show you you're not alone in your situation, etc.
      When you visit a truly inspirational site, you know it because it touchs your heart and changes you. Maybe you were sad when you arrived, but when you left you were a little happy. Maybe you felt as though you found a friend who understands what you're going through.
      Because some may stand out more than others, not by their size or popularity, but by the lives they touch and inspire, I have created this award that I proudly offer to any site, no matter how big or small, how popular or unseen, and no matter what subject area they offer inspiration and support for.
      If you would like to apply for this award, send your site's title and URL (web address) to and we will view your site and contact you. You may also email and tell us about a site that has inspired you that you would like to see recieve this award.
The following sites have recieved
The Inspirational Award and we recommend them to anyone in need of inspiration:
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