Statistics for 2000
Each day that a correction officer walks through the perimeter fence into his work area behind the walls and fences of a prison, his life is laid on the line. The officer's ability to communicate and survive depends on whether or not he will walk out or be carried out.

There have been 1258 reported injuries to staff during the first 8 months of 2000. The statistics below reflect staff injuries resulting from direct contact with offenders. During the month of July, an average of 5.7 injuries were reported per day.

CODES: AgB = Aggressive Behavior; SB/A = Struck by/or Against; CB = Caught in Between; UC = Unsafe Conditions; OI = Other Injuries

Staff Injuries Reported by Risk Management
TDCJ Risk Management Report





41 25 40 33 38 37 56 41 31 35




24 46 25 13 26 30 30 35 34 22


CB 12 9 8 13 15 8 11 16 18 18 8 14
UC 47 25 31 49 46 37 52 69 68 50 56 45


110 99 110 127 107 112 127 171 162 133 91 132
  Total 1583
OI 47 66 83 44 74 79 83 85 71 83 108 55
  Total Reported Injuries For 2000 1782

Statistics for 2000

Month of December

Stiles..... 22nd. Officer was sliced with a razor blade during an exchange of necessities to an Ad-Seg offender. The officer was seriously cut from the wrist to the fingertips. Numerous stitches were required. (unoffical report)
Stiles..... 18th: Female CO was attacked by a minimum security offender. Another female CO came to her aid. When the two could not fight off the offender, the responding officer dispersed a blast of C.O.P. gas which halted the assailant. No serious injuries were sustained. (unoffical report)

December 17, 2000
On this date,
we honor the memory
of our fallen coworker,

Correctional Officer Daniel Nagle
Killed in the Line of Duty
McConnell Unit, Dec. 17, 1999.

May he be the last to fall
at the hands of an offender!

Connally..... 13th: Seven trusty offenders escapee from unit armed with a dozen or more weapons after overtaking a unit picket. The inmates had been working as trusties in the unit's maintenance shop when they managed to overpower shop staff and gain access to the unit's back gate and ultimately, an officer security picket. They overpowered seven staff members and three maintenance workers, placed them in restraints and barricaded them in the maintenance shop. The inmates fled from the unit in a state pickup truck, but not before first stealing civilian clothes from the restrained TDCJ employees, as well as at least some of the employees' wallets. Two employees were treated and released at an area hospital while one employee remained overnight. (The Huntsville Item)
Month of November
Stiles..... 18th: CO was assaulted and beaten by offender. No details at this time. (unoffical report).
Telford..... 10TH: Officer was assaulted a medium custody offender. The officer received a broken jaw and numerous cuts about the head, as well as some missing teeth. The inmate received only superficial injuries. Reports are that the offender had been bragging from sometime that this type incident was going to take place. (unofficial report).
McConnell..... CO was escorting an offender back to his cell. Upon entering thencell, the inmate returned and assaulted the officer. The CO was struck in the face. During the struggle the inmate bit the officer on the ear. (unoffical report)
Torres..... CO was reported assaulted by offender during a physical alercation of unspecified type. Officer was treated for lacerations to his scalp which required sutures. (unoffical report)
Skyview..... Officer assaulted by inmate by punching him in the nose. CO received lacerations and abrasions, some which were caused by the offenders fingernails. (unoffical report)

Month of October

Jester IV..... Co assaulted when offender struck him with a food tray. (unoffical report)
Clements..... CO assaulted after being verbally threatened. Offender picked up a chair. When ordered to put it down, he complied but charged the officer. CO treated for lacerations and hand injury. (unoffical report)
Ferguson..... CO opened tray slot to give a offender a food loaf. The offender struck the officer in the stomach with fist. A MUOF resulted. (unofficial report)
Clements..... 12TH: CO was stabbed in the thigh with a two foot spear with metal attached to the end. Weapon was not recovered. (unoffical report - date unconfirmed)
Montford..... 11TH: An inmate found sitting on his cell floor with a sheet tied around his neck. Transported to hospital by careflight. Last information was removal of all life support. (unofficial report)
Michael..... Possible gang related violence when occurred when one inmate was assaulted by five inmates on rec yard. (unoffical report)
Beto I.... One inmate was assaulted by two offenders and received serious injuries when struck by a food can filled with wet toilet paper and a possible fan motor both in a pair of socks. (unoffical report)
Telford..... An inmate struck by another by some type of weapon when appeared to have been similar to a rod. Weapon was not found. Inmate treated for minor wounds to chest and back. (unoffical report)
Allred.... Possible gang related inmate assault. Inmate received wounds when assaulted with weapons in the dining facility. Weapons found were a razorblade attached to a toothbrush, a can of food in a pillow case and a broken pitcher. (unoffical report)
Smith..... A series of stabbings occured. The unit was locked down for a thorough shakdown. A number of weapons were located. (unofficial report)
Connally..... An inmate escaped from his cell at Connally and stabbed another offender 20 times. (unoffical report)
Hobby..... 2ND: Two medium custody offenders convinced a newly hired officer that they were housed in the area with closed custody and a few medium custody offenders. The offenders were allowed access to the housing area in which two more medium custdoy offenders were housed. As a result the two offenders who were actually housed in the officer's assigned areas were stabbed and cut. (unofficial report)

Month of September

Gatesville..... 28TH: An inmate created a disturbance during the evening meal. She began thrashing a pitcher of cool-aid at another offender. The inmate back away and was barely struck. Four other inmates recented minor injuries, most bruises, from being struck by the motions of the pitcher held by the agressive offender. (unoffical report)
Wynne..... 22ND: An inmate attempted to escape but was located on the roof. The minimum custody inmate was missing at 6:45pm during count. Unit Administrators didn't put out an escape notice until 8:30pm, approximately 2 hours after he was first reported missing. He was not located until 11:45pm. (The Huntsville Item)
McConnell..... 22ND: 42 year old inmate was found dead in his cell Friday morning after an apparent suicide. A sheet was tied around his neck and then tied to an air vent. (The Huntsville Item)
Moore..... 19TH: An inmate escaped and was missing for about five hours. He was caught as he was walking back towards the unit. He claimed he was lost. (unoffical report)
Hughes..... 8TH: An inmate stabbed another inmate during the breakfast meal. The unit was placed on partial lockdown. Some reports indicate possible gang violence. (unoffical report)

Month of August

Coffield..... 27TH: A hispanic inmate stabbed another hispanic inmate on the rec yard for minimum custody offenders. The unit is on lockdown until further notice. (Coffield Officer)
Hightower..... 24TH: Hispanic male was severely stabbed while in his cell. The inmate was transported by Careflight to the hospital after being stabbed about 20 times. No weapon has been found. Medium Custody is still locked down. (unoffical report)
Gatesville..... 18TH: A hostage situation was reported in which an offender was holding another offender hostage. One of the offenders was cut and/or stabbed. Details have not been made available. (unoffical report)
Robertson..... 14TH: A female employee was sexually assaulted by a prison gym orderly. The inmate who was serving a life sentence apparently committed suicide shortly after the attack. The unit is in a lockdown status. (KTXS TV, Abilene) The unit is under lockdown after a female employee was sexually assaulted. The inmate implicated in the attack committed suicide. The unit will remain on lockdown until further notice. (KTAB TV, Abilene) An inmate hanged himself Monday afternoon shortly after sexually assaulting a female employee in the office area of the prison’s gymnasium. He then wrapped a cord around his neck and hanged himself in the same room. The injured woman managed to get to a telephone and call for help after the attack occurred. She was taken to Hendrick Medical Center, and has since been released. (Abilene Reporter News)
Wynne..... 8TH: An inmate escaped driving tractor-trailer cab while avoiding gunshots from prison guards and smashed through a prison fence, then left the truck on an airport runway before fleeing in another vehicle believed driven by his wife. (Houston Record Chronicle) UPDATE: The Wynne Unit escapee and his wife were located by officers using tracking dogs under a tree near Lost Indian Camp Road in northern Walker County. The inmate reportedly had to be taken by force while his wife willingly surrendered to authorities. They were less than seven miles from the unit. (The Hunstville Item)
Gatesville..... 5TH: Female inmate stabbed after an argument with another. One of the offenders removed a pin from the rec yard weight lifting equipment and stabbed the other offender several times in the head. (unofficial report)

Month of July

Garza East..... Female CO was assaulted as she came out of an officer's restroom. The officer had a massive heart attack during the assault and has not been able to return to work. (unofficial report)
Coffield..... 20TH: A fight erupted between Close Custody LOP inmates and other Close Custody inmates after a fire was started by those on LOP. An attempt to get them stop failed after the 37mm gas gun would not discharge. Guards then threw a hand gernade and order was restored. No officers were hurt. (unofficial report)
Hobby..... 18TH: Sergeant struck with drinking pitcher while pat searching closed custody offenders during a meal turnout. The female SGT was assisting other officers with the feeding of these offenders when one inmate grabbed a pitcher and hit the SGT several times in the head. Reported a number staple type sutures were required to close the injury sustained by the SGT. The offender has been transferred to Gatesville Unit. (unoffical report)
Terrell..... 17TH: A Texas prison inmate found dead in his cell Monday night is believed to have been killed by another inmate. The body of a 27-year-old inmate was found lying on the floor of his cell by correctional officers who were making a routine cell check at about 9:30 p.m. Monday. A shoestring was tied around his neck. (The Huntsville Item)
Coffield..... 17TH: A large gang fight on the Rec Yard between members of two black gangs. Reportedly no officers were hurt but several inmates were hurt pretty bad. The unit is said to be about 200 officers short. (unofficial report)
McConnell.... 6TH: Four prison gang members were injured, one with 14 stab wounds, when inmates from a rival gang jumped them in a planned attack. After the attack, guards locked all of the prison's inmates in their cells and, during an initial search, found two homemade knives, 7 and 8 inches long. (Corpus Christi Caller-Times)
Walls..... 3RD: A correctional officer was injured by an inmate who attempted to sexually assault her at the Huntsville (Walls) Unit. The female officer was forced into a unit utility closet by an inmate who attempted to sexually assault her while threatening to cut her with a single-edged razor blade. The CO began to yell and struggle with the inmate and eventually he grabbed her by the throat and began choking her. The two fell to the ground where he began to knock the officer's head against the floor. Another inmate entered the cell block and saw the two fighting. That inmate was able to distract the aggressive inmate long enough for the officer to get away. The CO was taken to the unit infirmary and later to Huntsville Memorial Hospital for treatment of a concussion and various abrasions. On Tuesday, the 4th, the officer was taken by family members to a Bryan area hospital after she complained of blurred vision and uncontrollable shaking. (The Huntsville Item)
Telford..... 3RD: Corrections officer assaulted while searching an offender's cell while he showered. The inmate returned to the cell, entered, and struck the officer. The officer fought back, but his knee gave out. He fell, but tried to get up. The inmate rushed him causing his knee to give again. The officer was pinned down and the inmate worked him over. A sergeant helped rescue the CO. Both were taken to the hospital with injuries. (unoffical report)
Month of June
Stiles..... 30TH: A female officer was assaulted in the hall of 8 Bldg. She was handing out ID's to incoming rec inmates. A med. custody offender walked up to her, got in her face, she put her arm out to regain her space and he grabbed her arm. She hit him several times in the torso and face, he then hit her several times in the face. She now has a fractured arm, and blurry vision. (Stiles Officer)
Telford..... 30TH: Two corrections officers were injured after being assaulted by an inmate Friday at the Barry Telford Unit. One of the officers was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, while the other officer was treated for minor injuries at the unit's infirmary. (Texarkana Gazette)
Stiles..... 20TH: An officer walking the hallway, from 4 bldg, when several offenders assaulted him. He wasn't seriously hurt but was bruised up. (Stiles Officer)
Eastham.... 15TH: Taken hostage were Texas Department of Criminal Justice employees: a disciplinary hearing officer; a counsel substitute; and correctional officer. An inmate restrained the men using his state-issued pants and a raincoat he found hanging in the disciplinary office. He then left the room to head into an adjacent office and at that time, the officer shut the door separating the two rooms. A cell extraction team quickly moved in to remove the hostages and secure the inmate, who was described by TDCJ officials as "very combative" during the incident. The entire incident, which began at about 8:45 a.m., was over in about 15 minutes. A number of members of the cell extraction team were treated for minor injuries. (The Huntsville Item)
Connally..... 13TH: A prison inmate using a piece of metal ripped from a door and sharpened to a point stabbed a correctional officer six times Tuesday, the second attack on an officer at the prison in Kenedy in less than a week. The officer was leading several inmates to lunch in the cafeteria of the Connally Unit when an inmate serving a 65-year sentence for aggravated robbery, struck the CO from behind. When he turned to defend himself, the CO was stabbed several times with a nine-inch metal rod before six other officers responded to the commotion. (Corpus Christi Caller-Times)
Neal..... 11TH: A 43 year old inmate pronounced at hospital. He showed no outward signs of trauma and was not complaining of medical problems. (Amarillo Globe-News)
Terrell..... 9TH: A 78 year old volunteer chaplain, was assaulted when his arm was nearly cut off by a death row inmate. A prison spokesman says the inmate pulled chaplain's arm into the cell, tied a sheet around it and began cutting with razor blades. (News of Texas)
Connally..... 7TH: A female officer is attacked by an inmate during a cell search in the Connally Unit. “She had gathered up his coffee pot, which had been altered, some extra clothing and extra toiletries and had started out of the cell,” Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Larry Todd said. The officer, who was transported to an area hospital, suffered facial fractures, swelling around her brain and had most of her teeth knocked out in the attack.Todd said no weapons were being confiscated during the confrontation with Thomas. A subsequent search of his cell, however, turned up a 6-inch shank — a homemade knife — hidden inside a plastic baby powder bottle. (Abilene Reporter-News) UPDATE 25TH: After a lengthy stay at University Hospital in San Antonio, Irene was released and is now recovering at home. (The Picket)

Month of May

Hobby..... 30th: Female offender escapes from Hobby Unit in Marlin when she walked away from the dog kennel where she worked as a handler. Offender claimed she got lost. (unoffical report)
Telford..... 28TH: An inmate-on-inmate murder at the Telford Unit occurred when a 40 year old inmate died after he was allegedly beaten and stabbed by a 28 year old inmate, in the prison's dayroom. The assailant apparently used a 6-inch sharp instrument and a 4-inch rock to assault his viticm. (Texarkana Gazette)
Clemens.... 24TH: Eighteen-year-old inmate was fatally stabbed. He was repeatedly with a sharpened eight-inch metal rod. (News of Texas)
Estelle.... 19TH: A correctional officer was stabbed in the shoulder with a nine-inch metal rod at the Estelle Unit near Huntsville. Prison officials said the CO interceded after an inmate harassed a female correctional officer. (News of Texas)
Robertson..... 13TH: An inmate was killed in an apparent fight with another inmate. The inmate was taken to the prison infirmary after he was hit by his cellmate and stopped breathing. He was struck either in the head or upper body and collapsed in his cell. Officals don't know whether the inmate was hit with a fist or an object. (The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

Month of April

Dominguez State Jail..... 28TH: Two offender escape from work detail 15 miles northwest of the jail. Shortly after running from the work site they were spotted being picked up by an accomplice in a vehicle. UPDATE: 30TH: One of the offenders is taken into custody in Houston. UPDATE: NOV. 2ND: Second offender is taken into custody in Key West, FL.
Connally.... The Connally Unit was locked down after eight inmates assaulted three officers. Two officers were treated for minor injuries; none of the inmates was injured. (Abilene Reporter-News)
Montford..... 26TH: Two inmates jumped two prison guards while being escorted back to their cell from their morning showers. They took a nurse hostage, holding her for about 10 hrs. She was released unharmed. Both officers were cut with shanks, or handcrafted knives, and taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Reports say the two inmates had been allowed to enter the showers fully clothed and they had concealed four knives attached to strings around their wrists. (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)
Smith..... 25TH: While an audit is underway at the prison to redress complaints about understaffing problems, a melee between two inmates at the Smith Unit leads to a riot among 300 black and Hispanic inmates. One inmate killed when he was struck with a pickax. The riot began after a fight in the unit's mess hall between a black inmate and a Hispanic inmate when one of the two fondled himself in front of a female guard. Prisoners broke into utility and equipment closets to grab weapons, and set small fires using cereal boxes. They used broken broom sticks, garden hoes, glass shards and metal pieces from a fence to attack each another.A number of inmates suffered severe cuts when they tried to escape and got tangled in razor wire. Three guards were injured. One was hit over the head with a shovel, another burned his hand when a gas grenade exploded and another was hit in the arm by an inmate wielding a hoe. One of the prison's kitchens was gutted by fire in the melee. A total of 300 correctional officers helped end the fight. (Abilene Reporter-News)
Hughes..... 22ND: An inmate holds a nurse hostage at the Alfred Hughes Unit. The nurse was beaten. Officials from the Hughes Unit in Gatesville said the inmate was supposed to go to the prison infirmary on Saturday for an insulin shot. But then he walked into the nurses’ station, grabbed the female nurse and slammed her head against the floor. After a 30-minute standoff, prison guards shot the inmate with a rubber ball grenade. The nurse received cuts to her head, and complained of pain in her neck and back. She was taken to Coryell County Hospital in Gatesville before being transferred to Scott and White Hospital in Temple. (News of Texas) Unoffical reports indicate that an officer was stabbed with a pencil the same morning.
Clements..... 14TH: An inmate holds a corrections officer hostage for seven hours in a room in the kitchen area at the William P. Clements Jr. Unit before surrendering. The guard was not hurt. It was the second time in as many months that a female corrections officer was held hostage in a Texas prison. (Abilene Reporter-News)
Telford..... 12TH: Inmate killed by fellow inmate after the two reportedly began fighting during a morning shower. Prison officials recovered a 7-inch homemade knife, or shank, they believe was used to kill the inmate as he left the shower area. The inmate suffered puncture wounds to the left arm and chest as well as a stab wound to the neck that severed his carotid artery. The inmate also appeared to have been beaten on the head. (Texarkana Gazette)

March Assaults

Coffield..... 16TH: An inmate was stabbed to death at the Coffield Unit near Palestine. Texas prison officials say dental floss helped an inmate escape from his cell. They say he used the floss or some other plastic-coated string to painstakingly cut through the bars of his cell. Once free, officials say one inmate killed another inmate. They say he crawled out from under his cell bars and stabbed the victim as he was being escorted to the shower by guards. Prison officials don’t know how many steel bars the assailant managed to cut through or how long it took. They think he coated the floss with toothpaste or another abrasive. As a result, all 122 units statewide are placed on lockdown. (Corpus Christi Caller-Times)
Walls..... 14TH: Before convicted death row inmate Ponchai Wilkerson is executed, he spit out a handcuff key as lethal drugs started to take effect in the death chamber. (News of Texas)
Stiles..... 5TH: An inmate takes a female psychologist and a female clerk hostage. The assistant warden was stabbed or sliced while aiding in the rescue of the psychologist. The inmate had a shank and pulled the women into an exam room. The Assistant Warden and a Captain were among those who responded. The Asst. Warden was stabbed in the arm and abdomen, while the Captain was cut on the arm. The CO was stabbed in the shoulder. (Assistant Warden)(The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

February Assaults

McConnell..... 28TH: An inmate was asked to leave the GED class the instructor discovered him masturbating during the class. A correctional officer took the inmate from the class. As a correctional officer began to write up the paperwork on the incident, he returned to the class. When the instructor refused to readmit him, he pushed her to the ground. She was not seriously injuried. (Corpus Christi Caller-Times)
Telford..... 22ND: Two inmates escaped from their locked cell and assaulted another inmate with a can inside a sock. (Corpus Christi Caller-Times)
Terrell..... 21ST: Two death-row inmates hold a female corrections officer hostage for more than 12 hours at the Terrell Unit before surrendering. One of the inmates attempted to escape from the Ellis unit in Nov., 1998. (Abilene Reporter-News)
January Assaults
Robertson..... 26TH:Two offenders at Robertson broke out of their cells and began fighting. (Corpus Christi Caller-Times)
Byrd..... 15TH: A corrections officer is stabbed with a pencil in the stomach with a sharpened pencil during breakfast at the Byrd Unit. He was hospitalized for several days in a Huntsville hospital. (Abilene Reporter-News)
Neal.... 4TH: Three correctional officers were sent to a hospital with minor injuries after breathing smoke Tuesday from a laundry room fire. The fire appears to have originated in one of the dryers. However, none of the dryers were operating at the time of the fire. None of the 1,342 inmates housed at the unit were inside the laundry room more than three hours before the fire. (Amarillo Globe-News)

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