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Dear friends, you are welcome to TDRUS!

      All Russia celebrates the 3 centenary jubilee of Saint Petersburg on May 2003. Paul Maccartney sings in the Red Square. Aleksandr Malkus plays piano especially for our web-site and for Timothy Dalton admirers. He performs a fragment from the 3d concerto for piano and orchestra, composed by S.Rachmaninov. As for Timothy Dalton, he is still resting...

      We also want to inform you about the change of our e-mail address, which you can use to write us a letter and ask us some questions. We ought to replace the old address everywhere on the site - so it takes us a number of days, because the number of pages we've prepared for TDRUS is about some hundreds! We are so sorry for this inconvenience and give you the new address: epi@dubki.ru .

      Read about it and the other news of our Web site on the Page of News, which was last updated 23.05.2003.

      But don't hurry to use the link above, if you became our guest for the first time. We recommend you to read the text below down to the end and follow the path we have prepared for you.

     This Internet site is dedicated to creativity of the outstanding British actor Timothy Dalton. It was done in Russian and English by thankful Russian viewers supported by the admirers of Timothy's talent from various parts of the world who appreciate and value the art of acting. We are immensely grateful to the people who helped us when creating this site!

      We shall report on familiar and also unknown cinematography, theatre and TV activities of the actor. Gentlemen of virtu will probably be interested in visiting this site which displays our collections and as for real exquisite persons they'll probably appraise the special clause dedicated to the art of Russian and foreign admirers of Timothy's talent for whom images created by Dalton turned out to be the source on inspiration - "...And good feelings I spurred by lyric poetry...".

      We shall suggest You getting acquaintance with the best, to our viewpoint, Internet sites that disclose the above theme in different ways, and in the news clause You'll find information about the latest master's activities, first-nights and projects. Here we'll keep You informed about hot news of our site.

      We've we tried to reflect our keen observance of this subject and attitude towards Mr.Dalton's creativity. However we are ready to answer all Your questions. You can easily contact us through the "Contacts" clause.

      We have found the background to each our Page. You will hear the music from movies with the participation of Timothy Dalton, little-known or well-known melodies, suitable in its character to given material. There are some original compositions too. So if you have a computer with a sound card, you can hear music.

      And the last comment. We apologize to Mr.Dalton and to all his admirers who understand clearly that our preconceived tradition of incorrect pronouncing of the actor's surname connects with peculiarities of Russian phonetics and may be annoying to most of the people. But considering popularity of Timothy in Russia under not Daulton but Dalton surname that better corresponds to the English variant of pronunciation we decided to use the Russian variant hereinafter in the present site.

And now - Timothy Dalton!

We wish You pleasant journey through our site!

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