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Classroom based activities, put together by Raquel de Sousa.

Dear teachers, here are some activities that I put together for my ESL classes. When creating most of these tasks I aimed at promoting communication opportunities, even though some may not be as obvious and would rely mostly on the teacher's abilities to go beyond what is printed on paper. Get in touch if you have any suggestions or questions about them!

The files were created with Microsoft Word, but the documents are saved in Rich Text Format (*rtf) so that they can be opened by different softwares. Also I have compacted the files so that the download could be faster. You will need WinZip or another software that reads *.zip files to open them. If you have questions about it, let me know.

Please, do e-mail me if you find any problems on these activities! Thanks!  

Acronyms Spelling Airport Signs
Abilities and Requests Colors
Addresses & Prepositions Food
Conditions & Consequences Food Word Hunt
Describing People & Opinions Number Idioms
Failed Plans Numbers With Crosswords
Greetings Ordinal Numbers
Likes & Dislikes
Locations & Addresses Grammar
Past Experiences Comparatives
Past Habits ED Endings Pronunciation
Past Perfect With Crosswords Hypothesis
Physical Appearance Irregular Verbs List
Plans & Invitations Obligations & Prohibitions
Present Continuous Past vs Present Perfect
Present Perfect Past Continuous
Present Perfect Continuous Present Perfect
Problems & Advices Present Perfect Continuous
Talking about the Past Simple Past
Talking about Routine Simple Present
What Time Is It? Your Family, My Family

(C) Raquel de Sousa, 2001
Last updated on
19 February, 2002 01:16:58 PM -0700