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Raquel's Photo Album

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Internet based projects developed by Raquel's ELF students in Brazil.

Intermediate Level
Has Showbizz Lost Its Glamour?
The Beatles, Elvis, Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe. Were they better than today's celebrities? Includes quiz!
 InterSections 4 October 2nd, 2000

How Do You Like Surfing?
We wanna know your opinion about it!
 InterSections 4 October 2nd, 2000

What About Soccer?
We would like to know what everyone thinks about it, whether you are a fan or not!
 InterSections 4 October 2nd, 2000

 Do You Like Music?
Let's talk about pop music!
 InterSections 4 October 10th, 2000

What Do You Know About Celebrities?
Brad Pitt, Madonna, Michael Jackson. Are they a portrait of nowadays showbizz?
 InterSections 4 October 2nd, 2000

Men vs Women
Let's talk about sexism... what is it like in your country?
 InterSections 4 October 2nd, 2000

The Hippies: Are You For Or Against?
How much do you know about the hippies?
 InterSections 4 October 2nd, 2000

 Health Medicine
How do you deal with treatments and prevention?
 InterSections 4 May 10th, 1999

 Astrology Astronomy
Is the horoscope a real thing?
 InterSections 4 May 10th, 1999

 ET Phone Home
What do humans think of us?
 InterSections 4 May 10th, 1999

Our Intersections Projects!
On teen problems, stress and drugs!
 InterSections 2 November 18th, 1998
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Elementary Levels

Magic Monsters, Crazy Stories!
Help us create Magic Stories!
 Magic Links 4 September 21st, 2000

Our Magic Homepages
We are Beatriz, Bernardo, Bruna, Joăo Vitor and Marina!
 Magic Links 1 July 3rd, 2000

Meet Us! Meet Our key-pals!
They are Alessandra's, Clara's, Davi's, Débora's, Gabriela's, Luiza's and Tamara's key-pals!
 Magic Links 2 December 7th, 1999

Having Fun With the Future and Fairy Tales!
Read our magic stories and see our futuristic inventions!
 Magic Links 4 December 05th, 1999

Magic Links 1 Homepages
Get to know Alessandra, Clara, Davi, Débora, Gabriela, Lucas, Luiza, Tamara and Luisa Cristina!
 Magic Links 1 July 05th, 1999

Magic Collections 2
More collections online!
 Magic Links 1 July 04th, 1999

Magic Links Magazine #2
A variety mag proudly presented by Magic Links 3!
 Magic Links 3 July 01st, 1999

Schools Around Us!
Visit schools in Japan, Australia and England with us!
 Magic Links 1 July 1st, 1999

Magic Magazine
Fashion Ideas, Leonardo Di Caprio, My Poodle, Magic Talent Show, Doctors, Soccer Players, Zoologist, Magic Interviews and a Survey: Hands Talk!
 Magic Links 3 November 28, 1998

Our Hands Talk
What people understand by certaing hand gestures!
 Magic Links 3 November 28th, 1998

Magic Collection
Do you collect anything? If you like to swapping this is the place for you!
Magic Links 1 1st Term 1998

Magic Paper Games
Sports Crosswords, Sports Puzzle and Food Crosswords! Print and play!
 Magic Links 2 1st Term 1998

Magic Sandwich Recipes!
Delicious sandwiches! Try our recipes and Learning is Fun!
Magic Links 2 2nd Term 1997

Magic Newsletter
Animals bonanza! The very first students' homepages published by Yázigi Internexus!
 Magic Links 2 1st Term 1997
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We Enjoy Travelling
And we've got an award! Come in a and find out why!
Building 3  On Line Since August 18th, '00

Teens From Beira-Mar And Their Key-pals!
Would you like to meet our key-pals?
 TeenMate 2 December 07th, 1999

Emailing is Cool!
Teen students and their virtual friends!
 TeenMate 2 November 29, 1998

We Like E-mailing!
More virtual friendships!
 TeenMate 2 November 29, 1999

Teens From Beira-Mar
Do you know Alexandre, Carina, Felipe, Gustavo, Henrique, Luis Henrique and Luiza?
 TeenMate 1 July 06, 1999

Helping Endangered Species
What should we do to save the animals? 
TeenMate 3
June 14, 1999

Soccer in the Future
Meet the perfect player! 
TeenMate 3
June 14, 1999

Future Homepage
What will the future be like?
TeenMate 3 June 14, 1999

What Are You Going To Do in the Year 2000?
What are you planning to do? 
TeenMate 3
June 14, 1999

Feelings Are Very Important To Us
Share your feelings with us! 
TeenMate 3 June 14, 1999

Why Don't You Write Us?
We are looking for key-pals!
InterEnglish 4  On Line Since May 16th, '99
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