- T e a m     S p e e d V i r u s -

SEASON 2002/03

After months of selection & trials, a team of elite speedsters has been selected for TBS! ∆

details here... >


Bad weather, rain, heart stopping terrain do not stop these mad skaters out for relaxation and fun, stay glued for more details on the next one. here!!!

TSV Training
Wed & Sun

TSV still trains as a team and strives to improve our basics until we perfect every single stroke, if u wanna check us out, email us to arrange!!! ∆

Christophe leaves Salomon
20 December 2002

In his own words "I will not be coach & manager of the Inline Team Saab-Salomon for the 2003 season!" FaSST ExclusiveRead about it here...>

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