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Team Liddell et al

DNA/mtDNA Study

You have arrived at the Study’s website, Cousin!  Pull your chair up to our families’ electronic hearth and warm yourself a spell.   ---We’re having Scots Porridge today. Hope you brought your appetite.

We Are The World's First Genealogy Group To Be Enrolled In The National Geographic Society's

"Origins of Mankind" Genographic Study


We Are Not All Work. We Play, Too! Visit Us To See This At:

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If you are male and wish to see your Test Results in comparison to others, click here  (DNA). If you are female and wish to see your Test Results in comparison to others, click here (mtDNA). Please refer to your test-kit number while using the tables since the identities of test participants are not revealed to anyone except through the Study administrators and only then by written permission and under conditions mutually agreeable to both parties.

If your test-kit number(s) is/are listed in the chart(s), or you have been tested but not yet received your test results, and wish to send a message to the Team, or otherwise have a question, click here (Tested), or write  Please include your kit number in your message.

If you are have not been tested and wish to learn more about our Study, click here (Untested/Visitor), or write  Please include your name and email address in your message.

Team Liddell et al is dedicated to understanding the relationships and origins of these surnames, all assumed to be derived from the ancient Scotland borderland, Liddesdale: Laydel, Laydell, Leddel, Leddell, Leddle, Ledel, Ledwll, Leedahl, Leddel, Leddell, Leidel, Leidl, Leidle, Leydel, Lidaill, Lidall, Lidale, Lidall, Liddaile, Liddaill, Liddal, Liddale, Liddell, Liddel, Liddele, Lidden, Lidderdale, Liddesdale, Liddiard, Liddil, Liddle, Liddll, Liddle, Liddil, Liddol, Lide, Lideall, Lidele, Lidel, Lidell, Liden, Lidiard, Lidie, Lidle, Liedel, Liedle, Lindel, Lindell, Loydall, Loydell, Luddall, Luddell, Luddil, Lydal, Lydall, Lyddal, Lyddale, Lyddall, Lyddel, Lyddell, Lyddie, Lydel, Lydell, Lydle, Lytasl, Lytell, Lytle, Lyttle, Riddell, Riddle, Riedel, Riedl (Team Liddell et al is additionally interested in a few possible connections in the Liddesdale region between the Team's surname cluster and a few of the Little variants possibly also originating there.)

Comments for the webservant?  E-mail Bill Liddle

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The Team-generated essays provided in this website are designed to assist individuals with understanding how genealogy-genetics provide highly accurate test results for use in interpreting an individuals genetic history and are not intended to be an explanation of reproductive biology. 

Copyright, October 2004:  The contents of this website, the names Team Liddell et al, Group Liddesdale, Group Liddesdale2, Group Liddesdale3,  "No Longer Separated By Oceans and Centuries" and the Team Liddell et al Logo at the tops of the text files. Copyright, March 2005, Team Liddell, Group Liddesdale 4, and Liddesdale Vault.

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