Unauthorized Ruin Mist Compendium
Names of Great Reach
Ruin Mist:
Amir - One of the lost. Child of the Race Wars.

Ayrian - Eagle Lord of the Gray Clan.

Beast - Dark Lord, enemy of Amir.

Dalphan the Wanderer - One of the first sons of the father. He that created true death.

Erravane - Queen of the Wolmerelle.

Great-Father - Father of all. He whom we visit at the last.

Mother-Earth - The great mother. She who watches over all.

Mrak, King - King of the wraiths. One of the dark minions.

Nameless One - He that is true evil incarnate.

Niyomi - Beloved of Dalphan, lost in the Blood Wars.

Noman, Master - Master to Amir. Keeper of the City of the Sky.

Oread, Queen - The great queen; first queen to rule the gnomes of Under-Earth.

Rapir the Black - He that is spurned. He that was once the son of the Father. Also known as the Darkone.

Sathar the Dark - He that returned from the dark journey.
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Names of Great Reach
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This is my page on Robert Stanek's world of Ruin Mist! I've read every book, including the digital versions. I got the information for my compendium from the digital versions. I do not own this. I typed it word for word from the digital books. This compendium is meant as a tribute to Ruin Mist not as a ripoff of Stanek's fantastic ideas.

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