Unauthorized Ruin Mist Compendium
Places in the World
Antare - Place of legend.

Barrens - Lands of desolation, a desert near the western sea.

Belyj Forest - Vast range of woodlands to the north of Quashan'.

Borderlands - Lands situated between the Great Kingdom and the Northern Reaches. A wild, free country. Bottoms Swamplands in the northernmost part of South Province.

Braddabaggon - Hill country around Imtal.

Dead Sea - A lifeless sea to the east of South Province; wherein lies the Isle of Silence.

East Deep - The great eastern sea.

Eastern Reaches - The realm of the Queen Mother.

Endless Ice - Uncharted lands north of High Province

Eragol - A Kingdom port town located where Krasnyj River meets the West Deep.

Fraddylwicke - A barony also known as the Bottoms, formerly the gateway to the South and home of the Blood Soldiers.

Great Forest - Covers many leagues within the Western Territories, oddly, the gateway to the East. Great Kingdom Largest of the kingdoms, formed after the Race Wars. Referred to as the Kingdom by those who live there.

Great Western Plains - Boundary between the Eastern and Western Reaches.

Gregortonn - Capital of the kingdom of Sever. High Province Another of the principalities of Great Kingdom, located far to the North beyond the Borderlands.

High Road - Northernmost garrison town in Imtal Proper. Near the Borderlands on the Kingdom side of the Krasnyj River.

Imtal - Capital of Great Kingdom.

Ispeth - The lands of Duke Ispeth, small and swamp-infested but renowned for its apples.

Jrenn - A river town, located along the Krasnyj River near High Road. It is a Kingdom town.

Klaive - A small barony in South Province with borders on the West Deep. Rich in timber, ore and other resources. Home of the best shipwrights in all the lands.

Krasnyj River - Flows from the Eastern Sea to the Western Sea, changes with the seasons, mostly it is dry.

Krepost' - Walled city in the Great Forest.

Lycya - Lands swallowed by the desert during the Race Wars; now known as the Barrens.

Lost Lands - Uncharted lands north of Statter's Bay.

Mellack Proper - A small holding of the Great Kingdom, near the Duchy of Ispeth.

Mir and Veter - The twin sonnets, free cities, southeast of Great Kingdom near the coast.

North Reach - Lands swallowed by the 20-year snow during the Race Wars; now known as the Endless Ice. Olex Village Neighboring village to Vilmos' home of Tabborrath. Quashan' Capital city of South Province.

Rain Mountain - Majestic mountain in the center of Vangar forest.

Rift Range - East-West running mountain range separating High Province and the Borderlands.

Sever - Smallest of the minor kingdoms.

Solntse - Largest of the free cities. Located in the North on the outskirts of Great Kingdom.

Solstice Mountain - Tallest mountain in the Rift Range.

South Province - One of the southern principalities of Greta Kingdom.

Statter's Bay - An inlet that cuts deep into the territories and leads to the Eastern Sea. Stygian

Palisade - Steep, rocky mountain range that cuts through the minor kingdoms.

Taber - Coastal seaport at the mouth of the Krasnyj river.

Tabborrath Village - The village Vilmos was raised in, located in the kingdom of Sever.

Trollbridge River - A river that runs from Rain Mountain to the West Deep.

Vangar Forest - A great forest in the kingdom of Sever. Vostok Largest of the minor kingdoms, key piece of the four.

Wall of the World - The Wall; North-South running mountain range that separates Great Kingdom and the Territories.

West Deep - The great western sea.

Western Reaches - Lands of King Mark. Western Territories The farthest holdings of Great Kingdom to the East, a section of the territories.

Yug - Southern-most point of the known lands, one of the minor kingdoms.

Ywentir - Last stronghold of the Watchers.

Zapad - Minor kingdom, renowned for its wealth and tenacity of its people.

Zashchita - City on the bay where the Krasnyj River joins Statter's Bay in the East.
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