Tosari Intoxication at Can - Do Tosari Intoxication at Can - Do
Tosari Intoxication at Can - Do
We would like to introduce our Border Collie GUINNESS.  Imported from England in June of 2002, we would like to thank Sara Carver for letting us add this beautiful, intelligent and sweet natured dog to our life and to the future generations of Can - Do Border Collies.
Sh. Ch. Beesting Warrior X Tosari Chanteuse
I cannot not say enough nice things about this dog, he has won our hearts completely.  Although he came to us with little training, his intelligence and willingness to please has made him fun to train and easy to live with.  We have high hopes for his future as an Obedience and a Flyball dog.  UPDATE: Guinness earned his FDCH in 2 weekends averaging 4.3 over 12" jumps.  This fall he has also earned his
Herding Instinct Certificate.
Guinness has never met a person or a game he didn't like.
Guinness running flyball. 
Granson of Sh. Ch. Beesting Twiglette
Just a few pictures in the garden.  This handsome black and white dog combines some of the finest British bloodlines both in the Show ring and the field plus the outstanding Austrailian import WIZALAND NEWZ SENSATION.
At Stud to approved bitches
We look forward to having Guinness puppies in 2003.
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He is  everything we could want in a stud dog and a wonderful companion. He has been BAER hearing tested normal, eyes tested normal unaffected CEA and hip scored 5:6.  He is well balance and athletic he can gait beside the bike for miles without breaking stride.  
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He'll do anything if it means he gets to play.
He has only started his flyball training but already his enthusiastic approach leads us to believe he will be a fast and reliable competition dog.
Do you think she'll ever get up and come play?
His favorite activity cuddling on the bed at the lake.
I thought we were supposed to go to the trailer and play, not sit with a silly piece of wood in my mouth.
Guinness starts his formal training with retrieving.
First Canadian litter by Guinness
and Keeper.  Born February 15, 2003
Second litter
Born October 18, 2003
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Krafty & Guinness - Dec 2003
Tag & Nala - Dec 2003
Krafty - April 03 @ 7 weeks
Guinness puppies
Royce @ 10 wks
Guinness and Royce - Xmas 2003
Keeper showing Royce how to play.