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Welcome to my little corner of the Web. The Internet is what got me started in computers. Without computers, there would be no Internet, and there would not be people like myself who have the fortune of getting paid to know computers. I live in California, the state that gave birth to the astonishing evolution and at times revolution of the Internet.

I used to do medical research at the University of San Francisco before I got into the computing field fulltime. During breaktime, I would go on the Internet and see what was going on in the hightech industry. This was during the rosy time of the dotcom madness, so there was no shortage of new things to see.

Three years ago, I began working fulltime as a computer technician. I work mostly as a freelance. This gives me the opportunity to further my education. I plan to become a networking engineer, specialized in security. There are many types of networks out there, and the Internet is the largest of them all.

I love to read which is a good thing because of the enormous amount of information I have to absorb in the computer field. There are lots of hype in the hightech industry, but there are certain things that are in my opinion important now and in the near future. Therefore, technical people like myself and those who are interested in computers should know about them. On the right side of this page is a link to important readings concerning these technologies.