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Ever wonder what that svchost.exe is doing running in the background? Here is a database of all known processes. Process Library

Ever lost a manual to a tech device. Here is a site that has lots of manuals. Live Manuals

A RAM drive (also called a RAM disk) is a section of your normal system RAM that's set aside and controlled by special software to emulate a standard hard drive: The software fools the operating system into thinking it's dealing with an ordinary physical hard drive that operates in a completely normal fashion, except that it's extremely fast. How to use Ramdisk

One good way to protect your Windows PC from Web-born malware (aka spyware, crapware, adware, scumware) is to put the web addresses of the websites that sureptitiously install these programs on your computer via Internet Explorer. You can put these sites in the Restricted Zone in Internet Explorer. As such, when the browser opens one of these sites, the site has no permission to install any dangerous software on your computer. Here is a link to a site that can give you more info on how to do this. IE-SPYAD Restricted Sites List for Internet Explorer

Here is a page that contains good info on how to recover from damaged disks or corrupted Office files. Here is a cache of that file if the link goes down. This will be more outdated however.

Here is some brief but useful info on Remote Assistance. Remote Assistance is like Remote Desktop except it is a bit of a pain to set up. It relies on the person asking for help, a novice in the lingo of RA, to make the initial request. However, most of the time, this user does not have enough computer skills to create this invitation. To make matters worse, the longest expiration time for such an invitation is 30 days. The following page shows you how to setup RA and even extending the built-in 30 days maximum to 99 days. That way, as long as the "expert" knows the IP of the novice, he has 99 days to initiate the RA session. Here is a cache file of this external link.

How to enable Chinese language support in Windows XP including using a textpad as input. Click here.