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Simpsons Pictures!

Welcome to the section of Springfield! dedicated to character frame grabs!

Frame Grabs:
ALF in an alien lineup
Barney at Moe's
Bart Riding The Monorail
Bart With His Tongue Stuck In The Egg Beater
Bart Screaming
Bart With A Gun
Bart With Another Gun
Bart With A Third Gun
Bart the General
Bart at Kamp Krusty
Bart Being Choked By Homer
Bart and Milhouse From The Butterfinger TV Commercial
Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins
Cheif Wiggum Shooting His Gun
Cheif Wiggum Eating At Krusty Burger
Cheif Wiggum Looks Shocked
Cheif Wiggum Kicks The Door Down
Chief Wiggum & Kent Brockman
Chief Wiggum, Eddie, & Lou
Chief Wiggum on the Phone
Chewbacca in a 'Homer Is A Dope' T-Shirt
Cletus and Homer
Cletus and his Family
Comic Book Guy Dressed Up as the Flash
Disco Stu Talking To Homer
Dr. Hibbert with a Lollipop
Dr. Hibbert In The Early 90s
Dr. Nick & The Sea Captain
The First Church of Springfield
The Good Morning Burger
Grampa Water Skiis
Hans Moleman
Herman With A Gun
Homer's Eye Pops Out While Fighting With Willie
Homer Having A Heart Attack
Homer and The Capitol City Goofball
Homer and Bart Dancing On The Dugout
Homer and Marge
Homer - "Can't Somebody Else To It?"
Homer Getting Hit In The Face With Garbage
Homer With The Smashing Pumpkins
Homer and The Mr. Sparkle Box
Homer on the Planet Of The Donuts
Homer With A Gun
Homer Making a Snow Angel
Homer with his Thumb Cut Off
Jasper Is Frozen In The Kwik E Mart
Krusty Dressed As A Vampire
Krusty with a Gun
The Kwik E Mart
Lard Lad Visits Homer
Lionel Hutz's Shoe Repair
Lionel Hutz Drinking
Lisa Blowing Into A Jug While Homer Thinks Of A Plan
LuAnn Van Houten Kicking Bart Out Of Her House
Luann & Barney - Volunteer Firefighters
Officer Lou with a Gun
Lou with a Bazooka
Lunchlady Doris Talking To Skinner
Maggie By The Couch
Maggie Riding On A Coin Operated Horse
Maggie Driving
Marge Attacks Mojo
Marge on the Phone
Marge & Mr. Teeny
Martin Screaming
Mayor Quimby With Ch. 6's Electorically Added Flames
Milhouse Riding Lisa's Bike
Milhouse Playing in the Trash
Milhouse & Others Standing By A Tree
Moe Thinks About His Cat
Moe Has Ned Flanders In A Headlock
Moe Threatens Bart with a Box Cutter
Mr. Burns and Blinky the 3-Eyed Fish
Mr. Burns In His Vest Made From Real Gorilla Chest
Mr. Burns Broken In Half
Mr. Burns In His Office
Mr. Burns & Bobo
Mr. Burns's Son Larry
Nelson and Bart
Nelson In A Purple Wig
Otto Checks His Watch
Otto Eats A Hot Dog
Otto and his Busman Comic Book
Patty Eating A Caramel Cod
Planet of The Apes, Starring Troy McClure!
The Apes From The Planet Of The Apes Musical
Professor Frink Reading A Chart
Professor Frink Flashback
Radioactive Man Comic Book #1
Ralph Wiggum With His Star Wars Toys
Ralph Wiggum Digs!
Ralph Finds A Moon Rock Up His Nose
Ralph And Nelson
Ralph Wiggum Pokes Mr. Burns
Ralph Draws a Cat on his Drum
Rev. Lovejoy
Richard and Lewis Having a Mop Bucket Race
Sideshow Bob Getting Hit In The Face With A Rake
The Simpson Family Driving
Skinner Being Egged
Skinner On His Motorcycle
Skinner With Superintendent Chalmers
Skinner Killing Bart's Lizards
Skinner Screaming
Skinner Hides Under His Desk
Skinner In Moe's
Smithers Playing The Banjo
Springfield Elementary
Todd Flanders Is King Of The Diaper Mountain!
Uter with Groundskeeper Willie

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