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April 24, 2000

Action took a back seat for this 7 Flush episode so that the plot could advance, and boy oh boy did the plot advance. The episode opens with Isabel and Alex being close to each other in the desert. Isabel is wearing a beautiful, blue dress and is surrounded in all of these interesting alien symbols, including one that has four squares with what look like peanuts inside of them. The four squares are all connected. Anyway, Alex and Isabel are contemplating their becoming an item when Isabel notices Michael standing on a cliff nearby, but then Alex becomes Michael. Alas, this sequence is only a dream.

As reality enters the scene, everyone tries to figure out what Tess's story is. Is Tess Nasedo? No one really knows, but Tess does notice that she is being followed by everyone in the gang. Max and Liz talk, and Max says that he has no feelings for Tess, that Tess is using mind control techniques on him. Liz is happy to hear this. Anyway, Tess shows up at Max and Isabel's house. She looks closely into Isabel's eyes and then starts talking about how close they are. Tess says that despite Max's statements about his love for Liz that Tess loves Max. Tess then forms the shape of the alien symbol with some sugar cubes. Isabel is sufficiently scared at this and believes her life may be in danger. Michael spends the night in Max's bedroom. Isabel has another dream. She is still in the desert. She is alone, and then Michael appears. Isabel and Michael start making out...big time. Isabel awakes from this dream in a sweat. Michael also wakes up. They both had the same dream. They share the dream with Max, but leave out the part about them making out. The next day in school Michael tells Maria that he wants to go steady with her and that he cares truly about her. Isabel shows up at school and tells Alex that she thinks it time that they started dating. She takes him into the eraser room and starts making out with him. Can we say Michael and Isabel in big time denial? By the end of the school day, Isabel is very tired and goes to bed after classes. That night Isabel and Michael have another dream. This time the two are going at it (maybe sex, maybe hot passion) in the desert. We see some kind of chromosomes and a fetus.

Time passes, the plot thickens. Tess and Kyle agree will go on a study date. Max and Liz decide that they will follow the two of them on their date to the public library. Max realizes that Tess chose to go with Kyle, because she knows that Liz once had an interest in Kyle. Max finds the public library a strange place to have a date, but Michael informs Max that the library is where Michael and Isabel had tried to meet Nasedo a few months back. Max asks why he had not been told of this meeting before. Michael responds that it was the night Max got drunk and that because Nasedo never came, he did not tell Max. Max then asks Michael how he picked the library as a meeting place, and Michael responds that he intuitively can translate the symbols like the cave paintings in the Indian reservation (that we saw many months ago), and that the paintings told Michael to go the library. Max and Michael get into a fight over being honest with each other and over whether or not they should meet Nasedo. Anyway, at the library, Tess tells Kyle that she needs to find a book. Max follows Tess finding the book. Tess puts her against a wall, a silver handprint (like the one that only aliens can leave) appears, and Tess removes a book from the wall when she passes her hand through the wall. Max and Liz then leave the library. Max decides not to tell Michael about this book. In the meantime, Max and Liz do some research and discover that some constellation relating to some of the cave paintings on the reservation says that something important happened at a place known as Pohlman Ranch. The ranch is where the alien ship crashed and is now a military base.

We now head for the closing. Michael and Isabel are talking about the dreams they've been having. Isabel tells Michael that she thinks he's pregnant with his baby. He agrees. Michael says that he has translated some of the symbols and thinks he knows where they should visit to find the crash site. While they talk, Max sleeps. Max is awoken by Tess who says that it is time she show him where she is from. She takes him to the cliffs we saw in Isabel and Michael's dreams. He says that he does not approve of Tess, because she is Nasedo. She says that she is not Nasedo and that if Max thinks hard then he will remember seeing her before. Max looks at the cliffs and sees himself, Isabel, and Michael as little children. They are emerging from the shells which they had been inside of on the alien ship. Michael and Isabel are trying to escape from the room they are in, but Max sees a fourth child like them; the fourth child appears immobile inside her shell. Max leaves the child behind. Max realizes that the child was Tess and that the symbol Isabel and Michael saw in their dream were the four eggs with fetuses (not peanuts) inside of them. All of a sudden, Michael and Isabel arrive. Max tells them that Tess is one of them. The camera takes a bird's eye shot of the four in the desert by some cliffs and then fades out.

One other thing happened this week. Ed Harding came by the sheriff's office to report that he found a mini camera in his house. Valenti tells Ed that he'll find out who planted the camera. Valenti then goes to the Crashdown and tells Max that he knows Max planted this camera inside of Ed's house and that the camera is special FBI equipment. Valenti tells Max that for everyone's safety that they need to be honest. Max wants to tell Valenti everything, but Michael says no.

QUOTE OF THE EPISODE: Something weird like this had to happen sooner or latter. --Michael on Isabel's pregnancy, but let's be honest: weird things happen every episode.
NEXT WEEK: Has Nasedo taken over Max's body?

April 17, 2000

Just, aliens, and surprises filled this 7 Flush episode of Roswell. The episode begins with Max, Michael, Isabel, and Liz hanging out in the Crashdown (by the way, did you know that Liz's parents own this diner?). In walks Tess Harding, the new girl. Liz asks Tess if she wants anything, and Tess replies that she wants a cherry coke with lime (what a bad order). As she says this, Max gets flashes about him and Tess and five stars in the sky aligned like a "V." He gets scared and he takes Liz by the arm, leads her into a private room, and starts kissing her. The next day in school Tess and Isabel gossip. Tess asks Isabel if she and Alex are dating? Isabel says no and then asks if Tess has her eyes on anyone. Tess says that she thinks Max is really hot, but he is with Liz. Isabel says that Max thinks Liz is his soulmate. Anyway, in class Max is teamed up with Tess for a science project. Having approached her, he picks her up, she jumps into his arms, and the two start to make out on the a table in the middle of science class. Alas, it is only a dream, but what a dream! While dreaming this dream, his shirt caught in fire (the dream was a daydream and everything up until him and Tess making out really happened). Anyway, Michael and Max get nervous about Max's visions so Michael does some research on Tess. He goes to her house and sees that the house is completely abandoned. But all of a sudden a car drives up to the house and some military men enter it. Michael is very suspicious so the next day Isabel goes over to the house. She walks in and sees people moving things into the house. Tess announces that the moving people finally brought the stuff to their house. Isabel then meets Tess's father whose name is Ed. Ed works for the army. He is in Roswell to convert an abandoned military base into a storage center for files. Isabel reports to Michael that the empty house and military people are now explained.

In the meantime, Max is still freaking out over his being drawn towards Tess. He goes over to Liz one night at the Crashdown and tells her that he cares for her so much and that she means everything to him...that she is the "one" and that they were fated for each other. Having said this, he leaves the Crashdown and sees Tess. Tess's car got stuck on the side of the road and she needs help. Max says that Tess is lying and that he car works, that she is here to see Max intentionally. Tess acts dumb, and then Max kisses her. During this kiss, Max sees visions of him and Tess being together. This kiss was a big mistake, if for no other reason then the fact that Liz sees it. The next day, Liz confronts Max. He admits to the kiss and says that he had visions while kissing her. She is very upset and says that he can get visions with anyone so she is obviously not special in his life. This scene is so sad, because we know that Max only loves Liz.

We now skip backwards. Max goes to Michael to tell him about the kiss. The two end up in a fight and during the fight, Michael's apartment gets torn apart. Eventually, the two guys bump into a miniature camera that has been hidden in Michael's apartment. Alex uses his geek knowledge to discover that the camera is a spy camera and that they can use it to spy on other people as long as they are within receiving range of the camera. A plan is now set in motion to spy on Tess and family. Liz shows up at Tess's home to speak with Tess about her having kissed Max, and when Tess goes to get some tea for Liz, Liz plants the camera in a sculpture on a table. She then sees a box labeled photos on the floor. Liz searches through the box and sees dozens, if not hundreds, of pictures of Max. Just then, Ed walks in. Liz is startled by him and she knocks over the sculpture. Ed says not to worry about knocking the sculpture down and that he will clean it up later. Liz fears that when he cleans up the sculpture that he will find the camera. Ed then insists (even though she does not want to) that Liz stay for dinner. Liz says that she has to call her mother for permission. Liz actually calls Max and tells him that he needs to come over and get her out of this house. In the meantime, Alex, Michael, Maria, and Isabel have seen the camera get knocked over and they rush over to Tess's house to see what is going on.

By the time this gang arrives, they see Liz, Tess, and Ed eating dinner. Liz keeps on looking over her shoulder to where the sculpture broke. Finally, Ed cleans up the mess but does not notice the camera. When Ed leaves the room, Liz takes the camera and drops it in a candy dish. They both return to the dinner table, where Ed asks Liz about her boyfriend. Ed seems very curious to know about Max. Just then the doorbell's Max. As a cover story, Max says that he came to speak with Tess, but Liz says that she handled everything. Ed wants Max to come into the house, but Liz says that she had better go with him. Max and Liz leave. That night, Liz and Max discuss his kissing Tess. He says that he still knows Liz is the only woman for him, but that something is controlling him and forcing him to think about Tess. Liz says that an interest in Tess does not explain him kissing her, and boy oh boy is she right. Anyway, as they talk, everyone watches the video image of the camera in the candy dish to see what is happening inside Tess's house. Tess picks up the broken pieces of the sculpture, lays them on a table, whirls her hand, and makes the sculpture magically return to its original form.

Also this week, Valenti becomes suspicious of the FBI when he cannot contact Topolsky. He calls the mental hospital where she was staying, but the hospital burnt down and Topolsky allegedly died in the fire. Valenti then speaks with the psychiatrist who he saw last week, but the psychiatrist (who last week was really Nasedo) says that he never met Valenti. Valenti tells all of this to Max to try to earn his trust. Valenti even gives Max back the orb from last week. Max may turn to Valenti in the future for help, but I will note that Valenti has been following the teens. He saw them outside of Tess's house. Did he plant the camera inside Michael's house or did the FBI? Would Valenti even have the money to get that device? Who knows.

QUOTE OF THE EPISODE: Everything with my [Liz's] eyes is telling me he's [Max] cheating, but everything I feel with my heart tells me he's not. --Liz on Max and Tess
NEXT WEEK: A new episode where Max tries to find out the truth about Tess.

April 10, 2000

Five weeks later and Roswell returns with a high-paced, romantically-driven, and energized episode that left me wanting more. In the beginning of the episode, Max and Liz are making out in a car in some make-out area. They are enjoying themselves until some crazy woman comes by and tells them that they are in danger and should trust no one. The crazy lady tells Max and Liz to act as though they were normal people until they are further contacted. Not until she leaves them alone do we learn that this crazy woman is Agent Kathleen Topolsky. The episode continues and Topolsky meets up with Liz. Topolsky tells Liz that all six of them (Max, Michael, Isabel, Liz, Maria, and Alex) are all on a list and that all of them may be killed. She says that the FBI has a special unit which is tracking them all down. Topolsky says that she and Liz should meet again tomorrow. Before that meeting, Liz gathers everyone together to tell them about Topolsky. Michael says that under no circumstances should they meet with her. Isabel and Max agree that she cannot be trusted. Liz and Alex, however, think that they can trust Topolsky. Maria says that the aliens should have control and that their decision matters most so Liz will not meet again with Topolsky.

In the meantime, Topolsky visits Valenti. She tells them that the six kids are in danger as is Valenti. She says that there is a special division within the FBI known as the Alien Hunters and that the agent in charge is Pierce. No one in the agency has any control over this group and Pierce kills whoever he wants...this is why Topolsky has left the group. She disagrees with them killing everyone and this is why she is going about trying to warn everyone about the FBI. She tries to get Valenti on her side by saying that he has already protected the kids as evidenced by his shooting Everett Hubble. At some point, a man in a car comes up to Alex and says that he is a friend of Topolsky's and that Alex should get inthe car and share what he knows. Alex hesitates and almost gets in the car when Valenti shows up. Valenti scares that car away and agrees to give Alex a ride home.

Well, the episode progresses and Topolsky contacts Michael. She sneaks into Michael's apartment (remember that Michael lives on his own now) and finds an orb that Max and Liz had previously dug up from the ground. Topolsky explains that this orb is a communicator, and there is a second one which she has. When the two orbs meet, they can contact the aliens. Topolsky says that she will meet Michael tomorrow with the other orb as long as Michael promises that she can come along on the alien ride. Michael shares this revelation with the group. He says that he believes Topolsky about the orb and wants to trust her, but no one else does at this point. Michael agrees to not go, but then at the last minute decides to meet Topolsky. Maria finds out about this and tags along with Michael, but first she tells Liz. Michael and Maria show up at the place they are to meet Topolsky, and then Max, Liz, Isabel, and Alex trail behind. They all get to the place, and Max begins to yell at Michael. He says that the group made a decision and Michael went against that decision. Michael says that he did what he had to do. A physical fight ensues at which the point the orb gets thrown to a nearby tree. Soon, two cars approach. A strange man comes out of one car, and Valenti comes out of the other. Valenti says that the strange man is a psychiatrist who says that Topolsky is an escaped psychiatric specialist and that she has paranoid delusions. Topolsky has been returned to a hospital that she was staying at until she escaped a few weeks back. Everyone has to leave now, but the orb is still in the forest. Max says to his group that they will come back later for the orb, but then Valenti picks it up and takes it. They have now lost the orb. Max blames Michael.

As the episode closes out, we see the psychiatrist in his car. In reality, the psychiatrist is Nasedo. Nasedo changes his psychiatrist's face to that of a hitchhiker, and he goes on his way. One last scene at the end involves the car that had approached Alex earlier on. Some men get out of the car and take Topolsky. The FBI has just recaptured Topolsky. Will they kill her? Will we ever see her again?

But much more happened this week. Max and Liz continue their blissful relationship. Maria, however, complains that Michael is not romantic enough. She complains to the point that Michael asks her, "If I'm such a loser, then why do you want to be with me." By the end of the show, she admits that she really cares for him no matter who he is. Alex and Isabel almost get intimate this week. He continually reminds her that everyone needs someone special for one-on-one talks and that he could be her man. She is not sure but is definitely warming up to him. After all, Max has Liz and Michael has Maria so isn't it only natural that Isabel be with Alex? Maybe not...there's a new girl at school names Tess. Tess and Isabel instantly bond. Will Tess become Isabel's one-to-one friend (not romantically)? Max and Michael insist that Isabel not share the alien secret with Tess, because Tess may be a spy just as much as Topolsky was. By the way, Tess has a strange habit in common with Isabel of putting natural sugar (not artificial sweeteners) into most of her food. Finally, to pay for his new apartment, Michael has gotten a job as a chef at the Crashdown Cafe/Diner where Maria and Liz work.

QUOTE OF THE EPISODE: It's not three [aliens] and three [humans] anymore. It's the six of us now. --Liz, alluding to the FBI searching for all six kids.
NEXT WEEK: Tess has got a secret...find out what it is.