343rd Fighter Group

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343rd Fighter Group

The 343rd Fighter Group was activated on 11 September 1942 and assigned to the XI Fighter Command.  The Group was initially composed of three fighter squadrons, the 11th, 18th, and the 54th.  The 344th  was assigned to the Group in October of 1942.  For a short time the 1st Photographic Flight and the 11th Fighter Control Squadron were associated with the Group.

Elmendorf Field/Fort Richardson, AK
Fort Glenn, AK
Elmendorf Field/Fort Richardson, AK
Adak Island, AK
Amchitka, Island, AK
Attu/Alexai Point, AK

11 Sept 1942 - Maj John S. Chennault
16 Nov  1942 – Maj Edgar A. Boadway  (temporary commander)
10 Dec  1942 – Maj Edgar A. Romberg
19 Mar  1943 – Lt Col Anthony V. Grossetta
19 Apr  1943 – Lt Col James R. Watt (died in combat 23 May 43)
25 May  1943 - Maj Edgar A. Romber
   3 Jun  1943 – Lt Col William E. Elder
15 Oct   1943 – Lt Col Robert H. Jones

11th Fighter Squadron
18th Fighter Squadron
54th Fighter Squadron
344th Fighter Squadron

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