Without the assistance of many, many people a site such as this would be impossible to create.  I will attempt to list those individuals and resources used in the construction of this site.  This listing will be periodically updated to reflect changes as I make new friends and discover new resources. 

 Written and Photographic

United States Air Force
Office of History

You know who you are...Many, Many Thanks.


Department of the Air Force Publications:
Air Force Combat Units of World War II - Maurer Maurer
Combat Squadrons of the Air Force- World War II - Maurer Maurer

Pictorial Histories Publishing Company - Missoula, Mt
The Aleutian Warriors, A History of the 11th Air Force and Fleet Air Wing 4, Part 1 - John H. Cloe
The Forgotten War - Volumes 1,2,3,&4 - Stan Cohen
Top Cover For America: The Air Force in Alaska 1920-1983 - Cloe/Monaghan

Alaska at War 1941 - 1945 : Edited by Fern Chandonnet

Jeff Marksbury - Thanks for the 404th Bomb Squadron material.


William R. Eubank Jr.
Thanks for the 404th Bomb Squadron material. Follow this link to his 404th site dedicated to his father.  Lots of very interesting things to see.


This is a GREAT site dedicated to Bomber Units of World War II.  If you are looking for information on a Bomber Unit this is THE place to go.

11th Air Force
XI Bomber Command
XI Fighter Command
28th Composite Group
Bomb Squadrons
343 Fighter Group
Non Flying Units
Fighter Squadrons
War Stories

Always looking for Material and Scans of the 11th Air Force and Associated Units to add to this site.

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