54th Fighter Group

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54th Fighter Group

The 54th Fighter Group was activated on 15 January 1941 as the 54th Pursuit Group (Int) at Hamilton Field, CA.  The Group was initially composed of three Pursuit Squadrons, the 42nd, 56th, and the 57th.  The Group moved to Paine Field, WA and later sent an Air Echelon to Alaska on temporary duty on 12 June 1942.  The 54th was assigned to the XI Fighter Command.  In December of 1942 the Group returned to Hamilton, Field, CA.  The fighter squadrons did not leave Alaska until Feb of 1943.

The total stay of the Group and her squadrons in Alaska was approximately eight months.

The 54th Fighter Group arrived at Fort Richardson, AK 24 June 1942 and departed 19 December 1942.

The 56th Fighter Squadron was stationed at Nome, AK and later
at Fort Richardson.

The 57th Fighter Squadron was stationed at Fort Richardson and later at Kodiak, AK.

The 42nd Fighter Squadron was stationed at Kodiak and Adak, AK.

42nd Fighter Squadron
56th Fighter Squadron
57th Fighter Squadron

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