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The Serve
The Serve
This website illustrates the complexity and science of the tennis serve. It breaks down the serve step by step, using pictures, movie clips and more. This site also includes links to other sites involving tennis and some of the greatest of the game.
Follow Through
The Slice
The Basic Serve link illustrates the serve: from the start to contact with the ball.
To continue hearing about the serve continue onto the Follow Through link to read and learn about the serve after contact with the ball.

The Grip link is just what it sounds like, it talks about the grip used in tennis: Eastern Standard and Slice.

The Sampras page is a page dedicated to Pete Sampras' serve and technique. This link includes videos of Pete serving.

The Slice is basically a fast serve, but to learn about it in detail and about the masters of this difficult serve, go to the Slice link.

The Tips Link gives 11 profesional tips on scientifically improving your serve.

The last two links are for the purpose of the science project specifically. The bibliography credits sources to this site and the time log presents the hours put into it.
Time Log