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Running in and around Thailand

Race Organizers







Blue Runners

2588 0739

2950 7882

1820 3671



Sports Vision

2570 9599

2907 7554

1874 8799



Jog and Joy

2741 1900

2741 0494

1498 9865



Amazing Field (World Actions)

2276 3605

2277 2567




Pro Sports

2561 3173

2561 3173

Running Sports

2930 6089

2930 6406

1906 4234









Bangkok Hash House Harriers













Thai Running






Bangkok Sports

2656 7732

2656 7732




Like so many other things in Thailand today, the organisation of races is a rapidly changing scene. The main organizers these days are Jog and Joy, Sports Vision, Blue Runners and Running Sports. Amazing Field (World Actions) still have some runs as do Pro Sports and a few others. Jog and Joy, Sports Vision and Blue Runners all produce monthly magazines full of wonderful information, results, calendars and picturs, but of course all in Thai. Several of them now also have good web sites (see above) but once again almost exclusively in Thai. The only easy way to get the magazine(s) is to be at a race, typically one or other is available at the race - 40 Bt. Or they will be very happy to take your subscription. But be careful however, all calendars are somewhat unreliable - until such time as you have the entry form it is difficult to be absolutely certain of the date. The quality of events varies enormously. Many are organised by running clubs or by charity organisations. Many however are organised professionally. The vast majority of races have excellent trophies. Normally every entrant will receive a T-shirt, every finisher will receive a medallion (usually a very substantial souvenir) and the first five (sometimes seven, sometimes three) finishers in each age group will get a trophy. There is nearly always food and drink after the race and all races have plentiful water stops along the way.

1. Thai Running

Thai Running have an enormous web site with details of all races and lots of photos and onterviews and advice and stuff like that.

2. Jog and Joy

Jog & Joy is a Thai language running magazine and race organisation, with its office down at the end of Sukhumvit Soi 93, where it meets up with Onnut Soi 45. Telephone 2741 1900 and Fax 2741 0494.

The magazine is produced monthly and contains a list of forthcoming races as well as results of past events and articles about running, nutrition etc. It is normally only available from Jog & Joy, or on subscription, but they always have some for sale at race events.

3. Robinsons

Robinsons, the department store are the major sponsor of running events in Bangkok and Thailand. At every branch of Robinson there is an information desk at which entry forms for most running events can be had, and entries may also be submitted.

4. Sports Vision

Sports Vision produces a monthly magazine and organises events. The best place to get the magazine is at an actual race event. Sports Vision has an office at 53/247 Moo 2 Soi Satri Wittaya 2, which is off Thanon Lad Phrao, Soi 71 (Soi Nat Niwat). This is quite close to Nostri Wittaya School. Telephone 2570 9599, 2907 9718, 01 874 8799, 01 929 0561. Fax 2907 7554, 2907 8950

5. Amazing Field

World Actions have changed their name to Amazing Fields and moved their office to Suttisan, 20/1 Soi Inthamara 38, Suttisan Road, Din Deang, Bangkok 10400. Thye still organize a few of the major events such as the UN Day 10Km run and the wonderful River Kwai half-marathon Tel. (662) 0-276-3605, (662) 0-277-6670, (662) 0-277-6671 Fax. (662) 267-8159

6. The Hash

The Hash House Harriers and Harriets are very active in Bangkok, but their activities are directed mainly towards ex-pats and therefore not difficult to access. Runs are usually located in interesting but deeply suburban places. Information about all HHH runs, directions, timings etc. is published in the Bangkok Post every Saturday morning..

7. Bangkok Sports

An Englisg language web site with a calendar of events including cycle races, running races and triathlons.