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Yuen Wah awarded
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at the 2005 Hong Kong Film Awards for his role as the Landlord in

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Hong Kong Cinema's Splendid Screen Villain
Welcome to YuenWah.com, a website devoted to one of Hong Kongs greatest screen villains. The multi-talented Wah actor, action double, action choreographer nearly steals the show in many of the great Hong Kong movies of the 80s, including Eastern Condors (as the twisted Vietnamese general, pictured above), and Dragons Forever, directed by his Beijing opera school brothers, Sammo Hung and Corey Yuen. This site is intended to honor a man who has contributed to the success of many Hong Kong films, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. So sit back, click, and enjoy those wonderful sneers and toothy grins. Yuen Wah, ha ha ha ha! We love to hate you!
Id like to thank my dear friend Matt for all of his time, help, and patience with me in putting this site together. Without the Shingster, this website wouldn't exist! Also, a big thanks is in order for fellow Yuen Biao fan Sherry (KC Woman) for her great advice, knowledge, and screencaps. And thank you to Tony (Rusty Monkey) and Shawbros (from the ezboards) for contributing images to this site.
You all are wonderful!
Bobbi, a.k.a. the68monkey