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    Greetings... you may call me the Disciple, and I am your host for this site.  I like to think I have very high standards, so I suppose that I was the perfect choice to run this little hole in the ground.  For you see... high standards are exactly what you will find in this site.
     Many stories were examined, still more were nominated, but only a few were chosen to grace this haven of the Internet.  To find a story of yours on this site is a high honor indeed.
     What does it take to get your stories placed here, you may ask?  It is not an easy road.  First, you need to write a story or draw a picture.  Be prepared to put your heart and soul into the work, for nothing less will be enough.  Secondly, your work must gain some acclaim.  Meaning, people will need to NOMINATE your work for publishment.  Sending a fiction directly to me will just be wasting your time.  Thirdly, and finally, I myself will look over your work of literature or art.  If I deem it worthy, then will your name be added to those who have also impressed me.  Be forewarned however... I am a hard man to please.
     If you wish to nominate a story, feel free to e-mail me.  My e-mail will be plastered shamelessly all over this site, so do not fret that you will not be able to find it.
     Anyway... I do believe that I have prattled on too long.  Continue below, and enjoy the best that the web has to offer for Gundam Wing...
Gundam Wing Type Series
Penned by Chemiclord
Gundam Wing: War's Requiem
As written by Jupiter Star
Due to their large size, and complex nature, the two series listed above could not hope to be lumped into any one category, thus, they have been given their own special sections, complete with many other tools to help the reader gain special insight into these two expansive fictions.  HUMPH... just don't say I never give you anything...
Need I spell it out?  These stories primarily deal with the beauty of adventure and conflict, the struggles of men and women trying to accomplish something greater than themselves
This section deals with a little more than just two people locking lips... fortunately.  Any fiction that reflects on emotion, whether it be romance, joy, or even pain (MY personal favorite), you shall find it here.
These are the stories that make you laugh... they make you cry (from laughing).  If it tickles your funny bone... you'll find it here.
A visual exploration of Gundam Wing... only the most moving of pictures lie beyond.
Take a look at other sites that have drawn my attention.
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Wish to nominate a fiction?  Or do you merely wish to give some feedback (can't say I'll reply, though)?  Then send an e-mail to the address below...
If nominating a story, remember to put "NOMINATE" in the subject heading, and the name and author of the story in the e-mail proper.
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