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 Latest CSV (updated 11/07/99)


A few missing vidcaps that had been missing from the site are now up. They are Debbe Dunning, Gwyneth Paltrow and Heidi Klum.


5 new montages for you today featuring, yet again, Mariah Carey. This time from her new remix video of Heartbreaker, very hot!


Well well well, I have some great new montages of Mariah Carey's new video "Heartbreaker." 6 images in all, she looks stunning!


Looks like im caping on a monthly basis lately :( Sorry folks I've really lost the interest. But i will continue anyway. I've got a ton of great caps from Mariah Carey's new video Heatbreaker that I'm going to try and montage. Anyway here's the latest Shania Twain caps from her CBC concert.


Had some great caps of Shania Twain's Winter Break '99 that took place in Orlando, Florida and aired on CBS. I decided to montage them. Im very happy with the way they turned out. I hope to do more from this.


2 new montages of the irresistable Jennifer Love Hewitt. These were made for a friend over at, which is the largest JLH site on the internet. They are caps from her acceptance speech at the 99 Blockbuster Awards and her hosting Saturday Night Live.


It's come to my attention that there are some files in my csv that aren't on my site, so I am putting those up. Sorry for the confusion. Here are 2 of Alyssa Milano from an appearance on Leno and Jewel from Letterman.


2 new Jennifer Lopez caps from her appearance on Letterman. She also sang her new hit song "If you had my love" which i've been listening to a lot lately.


2 new montages: Britney Spears from her newest video "Sometimes". I had originally made 3 but i wasn't happy with the quality so I scrapped them and made them into 2 containing more caps and better quality cause I sized them down.


Haven't made anything new in a long time. College is getting the better of me, and exams are coming up so don't expect anything soon. Anyway I've had these Shania Twain caps sitting on my hard drive for the past month and today I finally got around to putting them together. There's 8 in total, making her my most capped woman to date. And she looks oh-so-good in her new video.


There was a Fox special on Wednesday about one of my favorite shows, Beverly Hills 90210. Two new montages today featuring Jennie Garth and the ever so sexy Tiffani Amber Thiessen. For some reason the Jennie caps came out great but the Tiffani ones came out all blurry, too bad.


A while back I got a whole bunch of requests to cap Britney Spears when she appeared on MuchMusic's Electric Circus (A weekly live dance show.) Anyway it was on again yesterday so I put together a nice montage. Some nice quality caps :)


Had some caps of Drew Barrymore from SNL a couple weeks ago. Didn't spend too much time editing, I didn't see the need.


Finally updated the page, 2 new caps of Liz Hurley from Letterman last night. She looked beautiful as usual. Almost a month since my last post!

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A few misc. vidcaps (Added 01-17-99)


Mariah Carey (Added 10-24-99)


Mariah Carey (Added 08-29-99)


Shania Twain (Added 08-28-99)

Shania Twain (Added 07-30-99)

Jennifer Love Hewitt (Added 07-26-99)

Jewel from Letterman (Added 07-20-99)