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Fanatik's Homepage

Fanatik's Indispensable Software Page

This page is dedicated to all the software that I couldn't live without. I use most of these on a daily basis and they certainly make things a lot easier and enjoyable. I have not linked directly to any of the software as their links change constantly as new versions are released. However the urls you find will take you directly to the download pages.

If you have any indispensable software suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

  ACDsee32 This is by far the fastest, most versatile and widely used image viewer available. Its always open on my desktop.
  D'Peg This app will check all your files for duplicates! This is a must need for image collectors. It can browse through directories you choose, tell you which images (and other files) are duplicates, have a side by side thumbnail and let you choose which one you want to delete. I have saved over 200 megs already with this puppy!
  PS2 Rate This is one of the most unbelievable yet unknown programs available on the internet. It tweaks your mouse pointer's refresh rate and actually makes your computer seem faster! Windows never had an option to change the refresh rate of the pointer like Mac's did, but put this in your start-up folder and watch the magic!
  Hide-it! This little app sits in your tray and lets you hide open windows! I have it in my start-up folder and use it constantly.
  Cacheman This little utility can speed up your windows up to 25% ! It tweaks all the cache variables in windows to your own customized size. Comes with presets for gamers, cd-recorders, power users and more.
  DiskMapper Wonder where all your disk space is going to? DiskMapper will "map" out your hard drive graphically and show you every file and how much space its taking up.
  WinZip 7.0 The best unzip program hands down. Everyone should have this already.
  MultiRen Renaming multiple files hassling you? This program will re-name them all at once according to your specification. Very handy, and free!
  MTCM Master Tech's Collection Manager is my favorite csv checker. Very customizable and creates csv's of your own collections too. Free!