The Fire's Core
The anger that breathes in me can never be/The solemn truth is all inside fact of lies/When angels surround the bed at night, sing to me/The only escape, the only hope is in the desperate tries/I can never understand, never see the light/If fickle desire is the game you bet on/Than it is decided for love, of no but me I shall fight/And in the end, your illusion will flutter-gone/Am I just trying to prove myself wrong by joining the play/What is in a touch, a kiss, and what is it all/Just trying.. The broken side of me or is this just what you say/And in the end, nothing at all-no one alive nor standing tall/In hopes I see me hanging on-fears I see me braking off/How can you say there is always more/When itís not forever to all miles but just taking off/Can I love love, Can I love you or norÖ
You or Nor by Lex
"When a poor person dies of hunger, it has not happened because God did not take care of him or her. It has happened because neither you nor I wanted to give that person what he or she needed."
Mother Teresa
All Of Me
All Of Theirs
All You'll Ever Know
Angel Of You
Away The Voice Of Two Lovers
Beseeching Day
Broken Wings
Dearest Farewell
Final Aeu
For you
Fragile Bloom
Golden Thread
Haven't Won
Held On To Her Love
Her Dark Shadows And Clouds
Hidden To Die
His and Her
If You Like
I Stare Into
Is Me Now
Just Like The Start
Loathing Love
Lost In The Blind Mind
Made of
Maybe To You
Mist Of Truth
My tear
Never Said
Pity Surface
Salvation from a world made to cry
She Believes
Shedding The Name
Song Of Doubt
Suddenly Gone
The Hermit Lure
The One
The Ransom Of Something more
Truly Rare
Un-Abiding To Save
When Did She Feel She Had Enough
With Only Virtue
Would've Wept

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