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Created for the Parlor by Sinnkat

Created for the Parlor by Sinnkat

The Deadman's Back!
And the Mistress of the Morgue has returned too.

To aid you in your journey for a deeper understanding of the Undertaker,
I have gathered the following:
Fresh Blood
The Updates (New - 5-29)
Picture donated by DravenRIP.
The Horror Gallery
The Pride of the Parlor
Hey! The Man was on Poltergeist!
Go take a peek at a few images captured from the show!
The Interrogation Chamber
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The Anti-Room
The results of previous Interrogations
The Lady's Message Board
Got something to say? Say it here.
Top Ten Sexiest Wrestlers of 1998
The Top Ten Final Rankings.
See where your fave ranked against his/her competition.
The Art Gallery
The Creatures' Art & Poetry on display.
The Fiction Files
Fan Fiction from the Creatures
The Creature Connection
Meet other creatures of the night
Others who walk with us on the Darkside
Links to other wrestling sites
My own dark self
The Coroner's Corner
Behind the scenes at the Parlor
The Mistress Goes to RAW
Archived for the creatures' pleasure.
The Awards the Parlor Has Won

By the way, you are Creature of the Night # to have visited my lovely dark corner of cyberspace.
Since I moved the site.

The Art Show Notice: The Mistress of the Morgue is looking for pictures, drawings, reviews and rumors about the Undertaker. If you send me something, please tell me how you should be listed to be thanked properly for the gift.

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