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Lord Marduk is the author of the essay titled §atanic Education. He wrote the essay during the late winter and early spring on 1998. It was a work of wonder for him. Meant for a friend the essay developed into a long term project. The completion of the essay lead to the idea of posting it on the net in order for all people to read. Working independently the essay has been made available to the public via the internet.

The section on The Government was written a while back. It was originally posted on the Coolchat network. With the limited amount of space available the essay was taken down. It has know been reposted here in order for people to read it again.

As the author of this page I must thank Anton LaVey for his book The Satanic Bible. With out this book the essay,§atanic Education, never would have been written.

I grew up in a small city in north-west Ohio. I started down the path of Satanism during my freshman year of high school. During my junior year I declared myself the High Priest at my school. Unquestioned authority resulted when I declared this. The few Satanists that attended my school never questioned my status, they just accepted it.

The point behind this page is to educate people about Satanism. The common misconceptions about what Satanism is has angered me over the years. Hopefully word will spread and the truth about Satanism will be known.

As time goes by I hope to have this page looking even better. For know I hope that you enjoy the essays and the links which I have provided.

Lord Marduk

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