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The Legend of Love Kingdom

Shards of glass lay at a young females feet. There was nothing left but destruction all around her, as she finally woke up from unconsciousness, and stood to view the remains of a fallen city. She turned, and a looming view presented itself before her. Where once there lay a vast thriving land, now a smoking and barren wastelend was all she could see from as far as her eyes could reach. Around her lay scattered bodies, covered in shrouds of their own clothing. She dare not disturb them to discover if perhaps some were alive. This was what was left of her home. She was Alania, Queen of Love Kingdom, now completely destroyed. Alone, and frightened, she silently vowed that her kingdom would rise again once more, and never would it let within its boundaries the evils that breed war. Never would blood shed, or tears fall. She promised on the charred land which she stood on, that her kingdom would arise from it's ashes, and live in complete and eternal peace, never to be tainted by hate, destruction, or suffering. She vowed to create the rebirth of her kingdom, even if it took her until the end of time.

And that is exactly what she did.

 The Story of Love Kingdom

If you wish to read more about the background of Love Kingdom, please click here.

 How to Join

In order to join Love Kingdom, you must real the rules of the continuity here, and then fill out this membership application.

 Current Positions

All medieval positions are considered, but currently we are in most need of a few good knights, paladins, entertainers, and merchants.

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