The Macabre

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  • macabre also macaber \ adj. [from French, (danse) macabre, dance of death, from Middle French (danse) macabré, (danse de) Macabré, from Macchabées, Maccabees, 2nd-1st century B.C. Jewish patriots; probably from their being associated with death because of a passage in 2 Macc (12:43-46) that is important in the development of the concepts of purgatory and prayers for the dead] 1 : concerned with death or having death as a subject : comprising or including a personalized representation of death [German baroque poems containing macabre blazons, describing ... the parts of the dead body --Leo Spitzer] --compare danse macabre 2 : concerned with or dwelling unduly on the grim, grisly, or gruesome : designed to produce an effect of horror [a macabre presentation of a tragic story] --often used absolutely [a writer specializing in the macabre] 3 : tending to produce horror in a beholder : horrible, distressing, unpleasant [this macabre procession of starving peasants] [government couldn't resist the macabre impulse to set down a huge, modern atomic establishment ... in such an old-time, idyllic spot --Conrad Richter]
  • danse macabre \ n, pl danses macabres \ [French, literature, macabre dance] 1 : a medieval dance or procession in which a skeleton representing death leads other skeletons or living persons to the grave -- called also dance of death 2 : something that evokes horror as would a danse macabre
  • Message from the Mundanes
    For everyone who has visited before, you can see that we have been busy little beavers {That's right, I said 'beavers' you perverts....} Anyhoo, we have completely re-vamped, so to speak, this site. I have discovered that putting a little more time and effort into anything really does pay off. You may not be impressed with the colour schematics, so it's a good thing I didn't consult everyone with this change. However, I do hope that the changes make the website more inviting and user friendly. Before, it had begun to be rather impossible to see everything with all the clutter [i.e. links and fun graphics, etc.] So, now hopefully, we are down to the bare minimum. Also, we have an added attraction, The Fierce Aberration. Please welcome our very own Malkavian Antitribu, maybe we will be graced with her insight and erm, enlightenment. Now, browse through and check out the things we've added and subtracted. And, anything you feel the need to comment on can be E-mailed to The Mundane of the Macabre

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