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Welcome to my Treehouse! Please, if you will, have a seat on your choice of a Branch. Would you like something to drink? Perhaps some life-giving water? In any way, please, make yourself comfortable and feel free to sign my LeafBook. It is simple. All you have to do is fill out some information and questions and this spiffy computer will sign it on a Leaf and deposit it in my LeafBox. So feel free to drop me a Leaf! I just want you to know that I have chosen to take part, when I go to heaven, in the Tree of Life. One glorious day I will meet my Lord, my God, my Savior, and He will say, "Well done my good and faithful servant!" Oh, what a day that will be!!! If you don't have a relationship with Jesus Christ then you can find out how to below. If you are a True Believer then the Branches below can be useful for you also! Either way, may you enjoy and be blessed!

"I would love to hear from you!"

"Welcome to my page! All glory is to God. All that I am is given to me by His wonderful grace. All that I have done is not really done by me, but is done through me by Him who lives in me. If it wasn't for God I would not be here today. If it wasn't for Christ I would not be living today, but I would be dead in sin. I am free! I hope that this page can bring you comfort from the confused world around us, and that it can help you to realize how much God cares for you! I encourage you that if you don't know Christ personally that you visit the link below."

"Do you know Christ personally? You can be saved! Click here."

Please let me know how this page has helped you with your walk with Christ. I would deeply appreciate it! Please keep all of the messages clean. (Please understand that some of the entries in the guestbook, since I have not the time nor the patience to filter them, may have inappropriate language. People who type such perverse entries need to read and obey Ephesians 4:29. In advance, I apologize on their behalf.)

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Below are the Branches of my TreeHouse. I hope you find them to be "tree-rific"! (I just thought I would add a cheesy joke.)Click on the topic below:

"Observations of the Bible"


"God's Creation"

This page speaks on getting rid of sin in our lives, so that we can pave the way for Christ implant good things in our lives. Then we can bury deep into Christ's treasures and bear freedom fruit."

This page shares the truth with you about life. Although it contains multiple subjects they all tie together by bringing you simple truths. John 8:32 says, "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

This page talks about overcoming temptation to sin. I encourage you to visit this one, if you are looking for a helpful page.

Do you drink? Do you want to know what the Bible has to say about alcohol? Visit this page.

This is a page that defines many words that we hear a lot, but many times don't really understand. I think this is a must see page. I highly encourage you to check it out.

This page gives you scriptural references on why the Bible is God's Word and is the Truth. If you don't believe in the Bible this page also has comments that may change your mind.

This is, in my opinion, a page everyone should see. It can help you to think good about situations that don't look so good. It's all about thinking right.

"God's Love"
Why would a loving God send someone to hell? See why this statement is a short-sighted question.

"God's Word"
Show's how important reading the Bible, memorizing verses, applying it to life, and proclaiming it to others is.

What music is okay to listen to? Is there Christian music that can replace what I listen to on the regular stations?

"My Picture"
For all of you who are curious of what I look like, here is a picture of me.

"Pre-Marital Sex"
What does God have to say about sex (in and out of marriage)? What is so bad about lust?... These and other issues are mentioned in this page.

Why is racism bad? Gives imformation on this topic.

This branch is for the serious Christian who wants to live all out for God! If you want to boldly stand up for Christ this branch is the perfect topic on how to achieve that victory.

Having thoughts about suicide? Maybe you know of someone who has. Check it out.

Complain? Argue? Want to know how God wants you to think? This is a helpful page.

"Golden Nugget"
God showed me some things, and so I decided to share them with you on this page. So sit back, pick up a golden nugget, and relax.

"Psalm 13"
After a long trial which I went through of depression and fear I have written of how I felt and what were my end results. Psalm 13 struck me when I read it and made me realize that it was a very special Psalm to me, because it told about my own experience.

This is a collection of drawings that I have drawn.

"Your Art"
This is a collection of drawings that people have submitted to me.

"My Writings"
This is a collection of writings that I have written.

"Old Guestbook"
This is my old guestbook's listings.

"My Latest Webpage"

"My Original Webpage"

Here is my first homepage, which has numerous topics and pages. Unlike this page, it has icons, background music, and other things. Feel free to visit me!

  • Cool Christian Links
  • Christian GIFS
  • Facts about me
  • Cool Forwards
  • My Testimony
  • Trivia
  • Poems
  • Songs
  • Jokes

It discusses these topics:
  • Sin
  • Hell
  • Heaven
  • Dreams
  • Cursing
  • Friends
  • Laziness
  • How girls should act
  • Why giving is important
  • Suffering-- God allows it because...
  • How to witness to loved ones who are "Lost"

*Lord Jesus, I pray that each soul who reads my page will come to the understanding that You are Lord and the only One who can save them from their sin. Oh thank You, dear Lord, for giving me the ability and the opportunity to make this page for Your glory! I pray that it all be in tune with Your will, precious Savior. May this page help the souls of these people to have the blamelessness of Enoch, the faith of Abraham, the confession of King David, the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Samson, the devotion of Ruth, the faithfulness of Job, the bravery of Stephen, the boldness of Paul, and the desire to seek to be the closest they can be to the perfectness of Christ. In Jesus' Name, Amen.*