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APR. 26, 2003
Concert coming up on May 5th.  This is a FREE concert and contains awesome bands.  Location is John Berrys Basement. 
The Millionaire$ drummer.  Need directions e-mail us.

APR. 20, 2003
Happy Easter from
The Millionaire$ leave some email to let us know what you think of the song "Were Drinkers".  Not sure when the next show will be but if you have any ideas feel free to email us at The_Millionaires@hotmail.com

APR. 1, 2003
The Millionaire$ new song is out.  Were drinkers can be downloaded by going to SONGS the clicking the link.  Enjoy its one of their many songs coming out.

MAR. 31, 2003
The Millionaire$ New pics were added from last nights practice.  A new song is being made in the process.  Check back to see what it is later on.  Also I put a Site button that will take you to other bands web pages that The Millionaire$ are playing with.

MAR. 29, 2003
The Millionaire$ took second place last night at Southerns Battle of the bands.  Crowd was at about 100-150.  Great job guys keep this up.  Next concert isnt sure yet.  Keep checking for more details.

MAR. 16, 2003
The Millionaire$ will be playing at Southern Columbia's Battle of the bands on Friday March 28th.  Time it starts is 7:00.  Come help The Millionaire$ win.  Also look for their first single "We're Drinkers" to on the site soon.

MAR. 8, 2003
The Millionaire$ rocked Hotel Edison out last night.  Great crowd came out with over 100 people there.  Not bad for a first concert.  Crowd surfing and everything went on. The Millionaire$ say thanks for the great support.  Next up for the band is Battle of the bands at Southern Columbia.  GREAT SHOW GUYS.  KEEP IT UP.

MAR. 4, 2003
Last night I stopped by to see
The Millionaire$ practice.  All I can say is just wait till Friday.  This will be great.  New pics from the practice were added. ENJOY!!  2 days.

FEB. 28, 2003
One week.  You got to ask yourself.  Where will you be.  Hopefully at The Hotel Edison to see the
The Millionaire$ at their first concert.  Show will be great.  Come support em

FEB. 21, 2003
TWO weeks.  Just two weeks till you get to see
The Millionaire$ At their very first concert appearance.  Dont miss out on this concert.  Its only 1 dollar to get in.  Hell you can find that on the street if you have to.  Dont miss it.

FEB. 19, 2003
A concerts section has been added so you can see when and where
The Millionaire$ are playing at.  A concert is coming up soon so be there and support us.

JAN. 24, 2003
Guest Book and a counter have been put on the bottom of the main page.  Leave some comments and give some support to
The Millionaire$.

JAN. 23, 2003
Pictures have been placed on the website.  Take a look.  A guest book will be up soon for all you(the fans) to sign.

JAN. 18, 2003
A show will be held at the Hotel Edison.  The bands playing will be
The Millionaire$, Sadie Hawkins, and PHK.  The show will start at 8 p.m. Come out and support us!

JAN. 09, 2003
All the news before this wasnt mine. It was someone elses i took from
The Millionaire$ old site. His girlfriend was being a bitch about it so I had to change it so she would stop.  Steele 












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