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Wow! Server Status was suprisingly easy!  :-)
- Greken 9/27/02
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   I wish I could say that this update was a pleasant one, but I fear otherwise.

After comng back from vacation and reading the new patch (1.62) notes regarding the further, needless, bolstering of Hib and Alb while nerfing our 2 main classes melee ability and our endurance regen I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer interested in financing Mythic Entertainment.  To that end, both of my accounts have been closed and will go dormant sometime around the 12th of May.

In the mean time, I will be giving my items/armor/GP to those in the Regime that need it/want it.

[updated, 4-28-03]  Alright, change of plans.  I'm going to be hitting the game EvE Online, 2nd Genisis  It's a VERY sweet game with a great story line, pristene graphics, and it doesn't take long to make it fun.  Unlike DAoC, where you have to level up to 50 before the game even really starts, you get to start having fun right away!!!  I've talked to a lot of you already, and it seems that quite a few of us, mostly the old guard of DAoC will be at least checking it out...  I know I'll be there and I'd love to see you all there too!!!                   

                                    My email,


will remain open and function for the forseeable future.

I want to say Thank You to everyone that made The Midgard Regime into what it is today, and to everyone that put their hard work and time into this!  Turigan, Oceadric, Greken, Dold, Barra, Lowphar and anyone else that I didn't mention; Thanks for your contribution and all the memories!  It was a blast!

Bristoll (Brandon)

Some habits die hard, and even though I am still gone from DAoC, (Die Mythic...) I have been waiting for the newest MMORPG from Blizzard to come out; World of Warcraft.

After reading the write-up in this month's Computer Gaming World Magazine, it leaves me no doubt that it will be my next major game. 

I will be there at the beginning (and hopefully, open beta, too!!!), and I think that a lot of the TMR squad will be too.  I will be resurrecting TMR by starting it up again in WoW.  I would very much like to see everyone there!

The Midgard Regime will be there; as will I with my main character name, Bristoll.

Drop me a line at
bristolltheskald@yahoo.com to let me know if you're planning on being there! 

Hope to see everyone there!

Bristoll (Brandon)
Guild Meeting Screen Shot ->
(It was taken early though, so not everybody that attended is in the picture :-(

Greken here :)

lol Bristoll, dont you know that nobody reads this website anymore? hehe... anyway, if by some miracle somebody DOES read this website from the Regime... I would like to gather everybody's email address who is OR was a member of the Regime.... I know that since the "great disappearance of the GM's", lots of people left TMR but may still like to join back up with us in WoW... so please send your email address and the email address of anybody else that you know so that I can make a list to keep us up to date... if you see somebody online that was an active member of TMR but left for whatever reason... please ask them for their email and send it to me, thanks.

Dont worry im not going to spam you with stuff every week.... Ill probably only send a total of 2-3 emails to everybody with it just to tell them where we are and what server we are on and stuff.

I hope to hear from you all soon,


Sorry for the lack of updates to this webpage... But by now everybody knows a few things that I'm just going to post here for future reference or anybody visiting...

A) For the time being, me and Bristoll are both back and playing DAOC again with New Frontiers...

B) All information and news and raids and stuff will be posted on the guild Forums instead of on this website... Although this website will still stay active for things such as Ranking Information and Guild Rules.

C) We are still planning on moving to the new MMORPG being made by Blizzard, World of Warcraft, when it is released. It is estimated that open beta will begin around August, and that the actual game will be released around the end of 2004 (maybe November).... Of course you dont have to get it, but I can safely say 90% of TMR has already said they will be there, including all the old-guard of TMR such as Bristoll, Gwelga, Rokgut, Mildred, Woulf, Oceadric, Turigan, Glorn, Dold, Lowphar, Chunky and many many more... To stay in touch and find out what server we will be on, visit the forums, or our WoW website www.wow.the-regime.com for more information.

See ya guys around,
Teamspeak Info

OK... We now have a Teamspeak server!!! It is password protected so if you have access to the guild forums (which all guild members should) thats where the connection info is.... follow this

If you are a TMR member and need access, please register at the forums, and Private Message Greken for access.