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  The Corn Lady...your private-label-only supplier of canned and frozen vegetables, canned jokes, jellies and preserves, whipped toppings, did you know info, complete craft corners, corn festivals, corn lovers club, Corn Lady's Corn Feed, Homemade Corn Moonshine, Overnight Camping (on cornhusk mattresses, of course) and other wonderful corn topics. Hey!! I want to thank you personally for stopping by my website here in the crazy cyberspace... This site is the perfect place for you to stay updated on everything at the Corn Lady Show, and find out show dates and air times.     Hey, by the way...can you tell me how many ears of corn is the most the Corn Lady's ever eaten at one sitting?  

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And the judges have decided...
The SCC 2004 award show as passed and the Corn Lady Show came out a winner. This year the Corn Lady took home 3, yes 3 golden star awards. The Corn Lady state fair episode took home the gold in the "community involvement" category as well as "best series" and the greatest of all "best overall program". Where will the Corn Lady go from here? Straight to the top is my answer. Thanks to all those who watched the award show and voted for the Corn Lady. Check out the Corn Lady's photo slide show from the award show.

Are those prices at the pump getting you down? Why not turn to E85 Ethanol which is a renewable fuel sourse made from corn. It is made locally so that means there is little need for dependence on foreign petro!

Be sure to check out the "Corn Quick Facts" page for more information about corn.

So you wanna be a guest or do you have a corn related story or event to share. Then we're waiting for you! Get invloved and tell us what you want to see. We'd love to hear from you.

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***Sneak-peak into future segments***

  • Home-made corn moonshine in the craft corner
  • Corn Snake education
  • Corn Lady from the past
  • Special look back at the corn evolution
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Want to be a guest, need tickets to the show or do you have any ideas, comments, suggestions, or something you would like to see? Then we want to hear from you! No matter how corny it is. Email the Corn Lady now! So, if you like corn as much as I do than you'll love the show. Thanks for visiting and check back often for updates. I hope you had a wonderful time!!

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