Harlequin: The Dance Without End

by John Franglen (Also known as Draxar)

Hello, this is my website, it is mainly composed of my supplementary rules for White Wolf's World of Darkness, other things may be added as time goes by. This website is having fairly constant changes, in the rules, the addition of artwork, and general changes to the website.


This is my other website, it contains Buffy stuff, such as fanfiction by myself and other authors. There's not much there now, but it should grow with time.

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World of Darkness, Harlequin: The Dance Without End

If you have absolutely no idea what the 'World of Darkness' is, then go here , where I try and explain it a bit.

I will submit these rules to any site that seem appropriate, but the most recent version of the rules will always be here.

I have set up an 'egroup' mailing list for the Harlequin rules, I'll be posting any changes to the rules to it, and it is also a general forum for discussion of the rules and the background. If you'd like to join, use the form below, or visit the groups page at http://www.egroups.com/group/harlequin_thedancewithoutend

One thing I must mention is that I have to approve your membership before you can post to the list, this is so I can keep track of the interest in the rules, plus it will stop any spamming/trolling/flaming.

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I have several pieces of art on my pages I think more would be better; so please send me any art or places I could look or people I could ask. All of the art on my page is also in my Gallery.

So far people have come here since 27th of June 2000

If you want to just download the entire thing then here it is in various formats (this may not be as up to date as the rules that are actually part of the site):

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Harlequin: The Dance Without End

Here are the links to the different chapters of my Harlequin Rules

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Rules

Chapter 3 - Renown Rank and Role

Chapter 4 - Gifts

Chapter 5 - Rilletann

Chapter 6 - Appendix and Acknowledgements

I've made a character sheet for Harlequin, it's not great but it may be replaced at some point in the future. Here it is, in various different formats:

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Here is the legal stuff for Harlequin (this is repeated in the introduction):

‘Harlequin: The Dance Without End’ is an unauthorized supplement for White Wolf's World of Darkness, using material from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000. The author does not challenge any of Games Workshop's or White Wolf's copyrights, and makes no profit from this work. To the managers of those companies and any other companies whose copyrights I break: I am not making any profit from this. Nada. It really wouldn't be worth it suing me, so please don't. This work uses material from White Wolf's ‘Werewolf: The Apocalypse’ and the ‘Werewolf: Players Guide’. It also uses Game's workshops Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, and a Citadel Journal.

This website contains the image "tirael3.jpg" on the rules page; This artwork is by Alexandre Abdoulaev, it is his character 'Tirael' from his Ghost:2138 comic, this image is copyrighted by him, and I use it with permission. Alexandre's website URL is http://www.ghost2138.org , and his email address is alexghost@grimmware.com

This website contains the images "zombie4.jpg" on the introduction page and "mask1.jpg" on the Appendix page; These artworks are by Markku Peltoniemi, they are copyrighted by him, and I use them with permission. Markku's email address is morphine@students.oamk.fi This website contains the image "maskoftameric.jpg" on the rules page; This artwork is by Curtis Craddock , it is copyrighted by him, and I use it with permission. Curtis's website URL is http://www.ruralnet.net/~sphinx , and his email address is sphinx@ria.net

The original ideas and interpretations in this work are the intellectual property of the author. You can print this out, show it to your friends and use it in your games, but anyone who wants to put it in their Web site should email me (it is very unlikely that I will say no, but I want to see how it spreads).

All comments, praise, suggestions, criticisms, and requests to post this on your site are welcome (no flames please). I would appreciate any feedback on this, and all good ideas will be incorporated into the next version, and will make the existence of a next version more likely. My email address is hewhomustnotbenamed@hotmail.com, could any email relating to this have the subject line ‘Harlequin’ if possible to help me keep track.

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