One Branch of the Family Tree

NEW!!!Disney Vacation Pics Are In

Merry Christmas

President Elect Barack Obama

Disney Vacation

To Artie and Angela

A remix of the above video as requested by Artie

In Loving Memory of Heather

The Wedding of Russell and Jennifer

The Wedding of Chris and Angela

A Video Card of Love and Gratitude to My Family

A collection of photos and memories of Dad.

Disney Vacation 2008

1/15/07 - A Memorial Page for our Dear Heather is now under construction
Any contributions of thoughts, memories, or photos would be appreciated.
Please Emailmemorial items with your name in Subject.

New Page for Chris & Angela's Wedding

A new page is being created to share their wedding day
To visit the page, click on the button below

Liss Family News Has Moved.

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2/18/02 - NEW DROPDOWN MENU. May be found at bottom of page.

~ Our Family ~

~A Special Invitation to our Extended Family~

Please feel free to share with us.
Any news, photos and other family matters you'd like to share here,
please email me at Email.
I would like to include extended family names here, but will not do so without your consent.

There is no greater gift on this Earth than Family.

This is the place where I hope we can celebrate that gift

Please be sure to check back soon for all the Liss Family updates!

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