Desktop's Goodies:

1. Log on studio- It lets you randomized your log-on screen in windows XP. Plus it lets you create your very own log-on screen. Of course it's free again!!!

2. Wallmaster- This program lets you personalized your Wallpaper. You can load up to 50 pictures, so every time you start your computer you'll have different wallpaper.

3. Log-on ui boot randomizer- Whoah, long name. Well as it names say, it is a log-on and boot randomizers. Though this is a very good software I'm not recommending this to novice. Don't mess with your boot screen unless you know what your doing!!!

4. Cursor XP- Need a cool mouse pointer, look no more, cursor XP is all you need! You can have as many mouse pointer skin you want. Is it not a great free utilities!

5. Icon art- Spice-up your desktops with this cool tools! Create and edit existing icon! This will bring the artist in you.

6. Tweak UI- Bored with your I.E. or your windows explorer skin? Well you can change that and you can creat your own skin! Plus...plus... plus more tweak for your system but then again, if you don't know what you are doing the best thing to do is to keep your hands off to this software!!!

7. Themexp- If your using windows XP, this site is a must! Great source of wallpaper, log-on screen, and boot-up screen.

8. DeviantART- This site rock! This is the yahoo of desktops lover. Utilities, programs, links, and desktops goodies!!!

9. Wincutomize- Here you'll rest your tired eyes in searching for desktops tweaks. Icon, wallpaper, and themes all are here. Search no more!!!

10. Mota- Do you like 3d wallpaper? This site will satisfied your thirst! So download all  you want.

11. Chaptercheats- Cross platform cheats... yes but this site got more than that! They got a wide collection of anime and games wallpaper!    

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