So what do you need?


            ... to create a webpage!
1. Text editor - Like NOTEPAD (for windows) or SIMPLE TEXT (for macintosh) to edit and create basic or existing web design. (Dont forget to give credits where credits is due before you edit an existing webpage!)

2. Web browser - Netscpe navigator or Internet explorer to test and edit your page.
( you say how? Click on the file menu VIEW then SOURCE and now can edit your page.)

3. Online storage space - Where you published your work. (see free web page host)

4. Ideas to put online - Published an idea worthy to be visited or your website will gather web!!!

1. W e b a t t a c k . c o m
- Almost all new software are here.
2. V e r s i o n t r a c k e r . c o m
- This is the place to update!!
3. M a c r o m e d i a . c  o m  
- Flash player can be found here!
4. 3 6 f i f t y . n e t
- Cell software for free ... really!
5. W e b s h o t s . c o m
- Love nature wall paper for free.
6. R e a l . c o m
- Download real player here!!! (nice)
7. S o f t n e w s . c o m
- Graphics software and driver.
8. T e x t a m e r i c a . c o m
- Create blog using your cellfone.
9. F r e s h d o w n l o a d . c o m
- Download manager for free!
10. W i n z i p . c o m
- Our beloved winzip (trial version).
Website add-ons and free java scripts!


Website Add-on Generator!
1.Pop-up Window - Add pop-up and advertised!
2. Pulldown Menu - Maximized your webpage with a pull down menu!
  Free java script just copy and paste this custumizable pulldown menu and pop-up windows to your webpage!
Visits for more goodies!

E-mail me pls.!

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1. Yahoo Builder - The best website maker for beginner. With its cut and paste tools you'll owned a web site which maybe better than mine! Download it now!!!

2. Web Dwarf - This tools is also easy to learn with more function for advance web making. Combining it with yahoo builder you'll create miracle!

3.Trellian - This web tools will help you build and upload your web page. Though its harder to use but easy enough than other expensive web making software.

4. Win2web - Step by step web page developing for starter. This software will guide you from start to finnish.

5.Power Bullet - Help you create flash in a zip. This will also help you with adobe type (power point) presentations.

6. Thumba Wumba - Create an instant picture album online. No need to cut and paste just choose your pictures and upload it on the web!

7.FreeHTML - This web making software is only one of the free software they offer in their site. So visits it to put some magic on your weg design.

8. Effectmaker - This will add window flash banner to your web site. Cool things can be made with almost 20 templates.

9. HTMLive - Make your web page alive with this free utilities. Easy to set up and use.

10. Windows web tools!!!
   a) Note Pad
   b) Word Pad
   c) Paint
   d) Frontpage (only trial versions)
           (Frontpage 2oo3 is great!!!)     

Free web tools!

Hints & tips

   Everybody got big ideas when they are planning to weave a web site. Well ... dont. Keep your website simple, direct and readable.
This will result in faster loading, avoiding your viewers to wait for ages.
   All webtools featured in this site are suprisingly free and enough for you to create a good website. For advance user you could always use Flash MX, SWISH, GIF ANIMTOR, DREAM WEAVER, AND PHOTOSHOP but you have to pay a fortune. Or you could always download a trial version, shareware, or look for pirated software ( not promoting pirated software ...just you know!!!) for you to used some special tools for some special needs like morphing, removing or changing background, animations etc....
   For question and suggestion feel free to email me just click on the rat.

   ... here are some free web hosting site to publish your web page.

1. - Do you have a yahoo account, well thats all  you need to get in! They have templates, clip art, sounds and add-ons almost a complete site for your web page.

2. Tripod,com - From Lycos this site put some advertisement on your website dont complain its free what do you expect! Easy to upload and you can transfer your existing web site.

3. - This site offer the biggest storage about 17 mb ( I hope they did not change it.) easy to use tools and lots of add-ons.
                   So sign up now!!!

Free Web Page Host