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May be you want to ask me why use other browser when you have the stable, reliable, good old Internet Explorer bundle in all windows installation disk or can be downloaded freely on the net?
Well that's a good question, so here I hope is a better answer.

A. Mozilla - I love this browser and I use it always. It is fast, skin can be customized, Independent, tab browsing capable, built-in pop-up stopper, stable, compatible with almost all download manager, great plug-inns and free!!! The most stable version is 1.3. The version 1.5 have been released, so far I've been using it for quite a while now and I found no bugs! (So far at least )  

B. Avant - Faster than mozilla, with built in pop-up stopper, skin change capable, stable, and absolutely free! It is I.E. dependent so its like using I.E. but a little faster. It is a single window muti-tab browser good for fast reading and browsing. Imagine all your open windows are placed in one big window.

Note! I.E. dependent means that it used I.E. plug-inns and engine.

C. Opera - Claim to be the fastest browser by the company who made it. Well it is fast but  you have to pay. And their free version is no different than I.E. in terms of speed. But this browser contain more or less 10 very useful search engine. So it is a browser of choice when it comes to searching and researching!

D. BrowseMan - For tab browser addict, this is a must! With power house utilities claiming to have more than 70 new functions than I.E..This browser are not for beginners for there are lot of utilities an expert in web surfing can enjoy!!!  

Other Browser.
This are also good browser and will be featured in the future, and all of this are free!

1. Slim browser- I.E. dependent, but got more functions!
2. K-meleon- Independent, base on mozilla ver. 1.2.
3. My I.E.- A small I.E., stable and fast. I.E. dependent.
4. Easy browser- Fast, very fast. Noy yet stable but fast!!!
5. Off by one- the smallest browser, less than 1 mb!

P.S. If you have any question or information, even complaints to any information featured in this site they are all  welcome.
E-mail me! just click on the RAT at the bottom left corner of the screen!

1. Spamnet - Tired of recieving and deliting spam on your outlook express. Now you have a weapon to fight spam and its for free!

2. Sidebar - This is a very small utilities with a lot of tweaks and shortcut for your most commonly used software.

3. Abilon - Are you a news freak, then get the latest and uptodate news around the world.

4. Kazaa lite - Download almost everything for free!!! Movies, music, picture, and software all are free but please check your local laws regarding downloading copy protected products or you'll get in trouble!

5. Flash Movie Extract Pilot - Do you wish you could save those pretty flash movie you've encoutered during surfing, then wish no more. This utilities copy flash to your hard drive.
Note only work with I.E. browser!!!

6.Cool Beans System Info - Gives you instant information of busy your computer works so you would know when its time to add an additional memory.

7. Real One Player - All in one, you'll have a web browser, a muti-media player including DVD, games, radio, cd burner etc.... I love this new playerone!!!

8. CBId - If you are an AMD lover and a patriot like me then this little utilities is for you!!! Tells you everything you want to know about our beloved AMD processor. I don't know why people keep using intel when they can used AMD half the price and performed as well as the leading brand!!!

9. Abosolute Shield Internet Eraser- Hiding where you've been after surfing the web because you've visited sites that your mother don't want you to visits or your mother don't know that you're visiting what they don't want you to visits (restricted site ) well this utilities will do that fo you. Though I dont encourage you to do that because its illegal to download porn pictures on some country.

10. Maxmem - Experiencing computer crashes lately? Well maybe you're memory are not enough anymore! So if you're out of budget to buy and add memory to your P.C. then used this utilities to optimised your memoty without resulting to crash!!!

1. Pop-up stopper - If you surf the net this utilities is a must have! This software stop pop-ups as in no more pop-ups forever.

2. Zone Alarm - Firewall anyone, this software is the best free firewall you'll ever find. If you haven't use a firewall before better start using now to avoid virus and system scan.

3. Addware - Ever wonder why your Default browser keep on going to a site you've just visited? Or you've visits a site and it tells you the kind of OS (operating system) and type of possessor you've got. Well most likely you've got a spyware on your system and this software is the best away to get rid of it!

4. Maxcrypt - Do you want to hide your file? Encrypt it with this software. It hide your files or encrypt it with non viewable thumbnail.

5. Aren - Batch file converter. This software rename your files or pictures in just four clicks! No more hazardous left clicking to rename those file collections.

6. Picture Pump - Still downloading jpeg and gif the old fashions way? Well all you have to do is copy the url of a site and paste it in picture pump and that's it! Just seat and relax picture pump will download it all for you.

7. I Hate this Key - Gamers will love this very small software. Have you ever played a game and you are about to kick the ass of the level boss when suddenly WHAM you've accidentally press the windows key and when you maximized your game BOOM your dead already. This lovely software will temporarily disable those pain in the ass windows key during the game!!!

8. Naviscope - Using still a dial up modem, and tired of being cut off while surfing the net? Naviscope got several useful utilities that can help you even up the odds, like prefetching, TCP/IP compression, persistent connection etc.

9. Copernic Agent - Searching the web is now so easy with this super search engine. Just key in word or phrase and it will search with very high accuracy.  

10. Girafa - This software is an IE addware, it functions like the favorite menu but instead of words it gives you a little picture of the site you've bookmark.

11. Trillian - All in one chat engine, icq, yahoo messengers, irc, aim and msn. So look no further and give your self a break in maintaining too many chat engine!!!

12 Eprompter - Do you have more than one yahoo e-mail account and tired of opening them one by one. Your trouble are solve this software check your yahoo, msn etc account automatically no need to log in.

1. - The original still are the no. 1! The best thing about is that they give you rating base on their reviews and the testimony of others who download the products. Cautions though there are group of surfer who vote unanimously for a software telling you how good it is but in reality that software are nothing but junk and can ruin your system!!! Note not all software here are free so only look for the word FREEWARE.

2. - Complete, this best describe this site. Hardawre, software, server, and other computer related products can be found in this site. Plus they had a portion where they teach you on some common computer problems and a must have tweaks for your system. Again not all are free!

3. - You need an up to date versions of your softawre? You can find it here! This site monitor almost all update versions, beta versions and new patches for your software.

4. - The nice thing about this site is that they saparate the shareware and the freeware. So no more guessing and searching. Just go to their freeware and download as much as you like! I love this site!!!

5. - Hard to find cause usually most surfer spelled it as two cows!!! And finding themselves on a bunch of lactating cows! You'll find here great reviews of your favorite software and nice rating systems "cows", and pls. don't ask me why they call their site TUCOWS!

6. - Yahoo? no, but when you visits their site its like a but with background color. Lots of goodies here they update almost everyday. Not all are free so choose wisely!

7. - one of the best hidden site. Why hidden? Well not actually a secret site  but  this sites are known only by those who surf the net with passions. Lots of software can be downloaded here but not all are free. This site is a must!   

8. Guru of - This site are for those high graphics freaks. Here you can find your latest video card driver assuring you of high performance for our beloved video cards But that's not all here you can find tweaks to keep you machine in shape and teach you how to eliminate those persistent old driver software.

9. - Hard to find software, well this sites will help you. They don't have many downloads but they have got enough for you to say amen!!!

10. - Tiny may be but this site packed a lot of punch. Most of the software here are no more than 2mb. Imagine you can use your 1.44 diskette to store some very powerful software!!!      

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