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Welcome to the online home of Easton's latest musical sensation THE MAYO!!

Even with a diverse sound palette, The Mayo are retro-rockers at heart. Sit down, stay a while, and get to know and love The Mayo!

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Or you can hassle each of us with death threats one at a time with AOL Instant Messenger!

Billy: Sporkmaster 1
Josh: bassmayo
Sam: goatcheese62
Jake: TheLoneTrombone
Cody: RockSteadyRyddim

Play nice, Sammy.

Jake: The Shirtless Wonder!

Mmm...Josh Pinsky...Mod Chic Billy Mercier

Next Show: Sat., June 12th, 2004 - Rabbit Hill Music

Schedule of Events

Thu., June 10th - Billy
Well, the site updates are continuing. Slowly, but continuing. The Mayo will be playing with Becca & The Smashing Young Men at their "reunion" show, just like the old days. I'm excited. It will be a Formal Night of Rock'N'Roll. We will all be in our evening's finest.

Preparations have begun for The Second Annual All-Day Holiday Celebration. Last year's event was the public debut of The Mayo. This year's shaping up to be way better. We've got a full day of celebration planned. Five bands have been invited to play. A great time will be had. Don't doubt it.

Thu., May 27th - Billy
The Mayo: Best Band at N.D.M.S.! That's right, Mayomaniacs! We won The Battle Of The Bands. It was a great night. We got to hang with LMB and the kids were great. We even got in the paper. The Mayo is also no longer just a cover band. We debutted two original songs: "Clear Your Mind" and "The Ballad of Bobby and Susie." Like I said, it was a great night.

More site updates are on the way. Some of the links in the menu don't have anything to go to yet, but that will be temporary (hopefully). I have ALOT of pictures to put up. Other tidbits are on the way as well.

Tues., May 18th - Billy
Well, for those of you that are familiar with this site, you'll notice that it looks a little different. Just some re-tooling in the works to help make the site the top gear! New look and more content! Yippie!! Hopefully, this train will keep on rolling. [crosses fingers]

Tues., May 11th - Sam
2nd place at the Greensboro Battle of the Bands! Not too shabby. Next show will be this coming Saturday, the 15th, at Rabbit Hill. Be there!

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