Fred Dekker Interview

Andre Gower - Sean
Robbie Kiger - Patrick
Stephen Macht - Del
Duncan Regehr - Dracula
Tom Noonan - Frankenstein
Brent Chalem - Horace
Ryan Lambert - Rudy
Michael Faustino - Eugene
Ashley Bank - Phoebe
Leonardo Cimino - Scary German Guy
Mary Ellen Trainor - Emily
Stan Shaw - Detective Sapir
Lisa Fuller - Patrick's Sister

Fred Dekker - Director/Writer
Shane Black - Writer
Jonathan A. Zimbert - Producer
Peter Hyams - Exec. Producer
Rob Cohen - Exec. Producer

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Est. 9th December 2001

Welcome to S31 - The Monster Squad (Movie Nitpicks)

Movie Nitpicks
Into the sun?
At the beginning of the movie, Dracula is shown transforming from a bat into a human. A few seconds later, he is shown walking up some stairs. However, the wrong part is you can clearly see what appears to be the sun right in front of him. Man, that must be some strong sunscreen!

Who the hell is that?
When Patrick and Rudy are talking to Patrick's sister in the treehouse, Rudy is forced to blackmail her into helping them by producing a nude photo of her and threatening to show it off. Now, if you pause the tape at the exact moment that Rudy holds up the picture, you will clearly see that it is a different girl who is fully clothed. Also, she isn't even standing in her bedroom where the shot was supposedly taken, this girl appears to be standing in the street.
Instant Healing Pants?
Towards the end of the movie, the dad is getting the crap beaten out of him by the Wolfman. Sean appears and saves his dad by putting a stick of dynamite in the back of the Wolfman's pants. They then push him out of a window, and the Wolfman blows up during his fall. Moments later, the Wolfman's (because he can only die by a silver bullet) body automatically reconnects itself. This is all fine and dandy, do his pants get put back together? Shouldn't they stay torn apart? They don't even look like they were torn at all.

She forgot which side of the bench...
At the end of the movie, right after Frankenstein is sucked into the wormhole, Phoebe is shown crouching behind a bench crying. She slides over to the other end of the bench. The very next scene shows her mother running up to her, and Phoebe is back on her original side of the bench!!!