Fred Dekker Interview

Andre Gower - Sean
Robbie Kiger - Patrick
Stephen Macht - Del
Duncan Regehr - Dracula
Tom Noonan - Frankenstein
Brent Chalem - Horace
Ryan Lambert - Rudy
Michael Faustino - Eugene
Ashley Bank - Phoebe
Leonardo Cimino - Scary German Guy
Mary Ellen Trainor - Emily
Stan Shaw - Detective Sapir
Lisa Fuller - Patrick's Sister

Fred Dekker - Director/Writer
Shane Black - Writer
Jonathan A. Zimbert - Producer
Peter Hyams - Exec. Producer
Rob Cohen - Exec. Producer

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Est. 9th December 2001

Welcome to S31 - The Monster Squad (Movie Synopsis)

One hundred years before this story begins…
It was a time of darkness in Transylvania…

A time when Dr. Abraham Van Helsing…
And a small band of freedom fighters…
Conspired to rid the world of vampires and
monsters…and to save mankind from the forces of eternal evil…

They blew it…

"My Horace!"

Movie Synopsis
Sean and his friends meet in a treehouse everyday after school to talk about monsters. Dracula arrives in town in an attempt to retrieve an ancient amulet, which can turn the balance of good and evil to evil's favor.

Meanwhile, Sean's mom innocently buys him Dr. Abraham Van Helsing's diary at a local garage sale. Sean and his friends take the diary to a "scary" German guy in their neighborhood. The "scary" German guy translates it and tells them about the power of the amulet. They discover that every 100 years the amulet can be used to unleash the creatures of the dark night onto Earth. Coincidentally, the very next night will mark the 100 year anniversary. While finishing the last entry, the group discovers that the only way to stop the amulet is to have a virgin read a passage from the diary at the stroke on midnight which will open a "hole into limbo itself, which will swallow the forces of evil forever".

Meanwhile, Dracula has been calling on some old friends to help him retrieve the amulet. These friends include the Wolfman, the Mummy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Frankenstein.

Frankenstein ends up befriending the kids, who now call themselves the "Monster Squad". The next night, the squad splits up. Sean, Horace, Eugene, and Frankenstein go to Dracula's lair and manage to find the amulet. Meanwhile, Rudy and Patrick get Patrick's sister (who coincidentally takes German in high school and is supposedly a virgin) to help them. After getting his sister, Patrick and Rudy go and meet up with Sean and his group. At the same time (for God knows why) Sean's little sister Phoebe has gotten "scary" German guy to help them, so they also meet up with Sean and his group.

They decide to go and perform the ceremony outside a church because apparently "monsters hate religious stuff". While driving to the church, the Mummy appears on the side of the road and jumps onto the "scary" German guy's jeep. Patrick grabs a piece of the Mummy's wrap and gives it to Rudy. Rudy then wraps it to a arrow and shoots it into a tree. As a result, the Mummy gets unwrapped and dies.

The "Monster Squad" arrives outside the church and begins the ceremony. Meanwhile, the Wolfman appears and starts killing random cops. Rudy grabs a cop's gun and loads it with a silver bullet and kills the Wolfman. The Creature from the Black Lagoon then pops out of a manhole and he too starts killing cops. Horace grabs a dead cop's shotgun and shots the Creature, killing it. Meanwhile, Patrick's sister reveals she is not a virgin. The "scary" German guy realizes they can use Phoebe and he will help her read. Finally, Dracula appears and knocks out the "scary" German guy and picks up Phoebe and threatens her. Frankenstein appears out of nowhere and tosses Dracula onto a metal cross. "Scary" German guy wakes up and helps Phoebe finish reading the diary. A vortex into limbo opens and sucks Dracula and his minions into it, including the now friendly Frankenstein.