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"CURRY NOODLE TIME;The Sam Woh Experience
Written by Eric Ehrmann @1996, Eric Ehrmann
Eric Ehrmann lives and writes in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was one of the original contributors to Rolling Stone Magazine. He has lectured at the University of Virginia, the Indiana University School of Journalism and the University of New Mexico

"After reading about chop suey on Chef Mars' website, I got to thinking about another Chinese dish, curry noodle soup, otherwise known when ordering as curry noodle.

I had my first taste of curry noodle in 1970. The aromatic vapor from the concoction engulfed my face, clearing the sinuses, helping a hangover too. It warmed the soul and had the attributes of a magical potion. I was 23, living in San Francisco and working at Rolling Stone magazine. I'd just read "Down in Out in Paris and London," George Orwell's account the fine folks who were drawn to the food arts. This book made me I look at dining establishments as theater, often theater of the absurd. Among patrons and cook staff one could see people harboring second and third-- sometimes dysfunctional-- personalities that hovered just below the surface, waiting to jump into the fray and set the dining drama moving in another direction. ."

Please Continue This humorous, insightful and informative story.

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By Gary Holleman

Making the Perfect Chop Suey
Written by Anonymous

Website for fellow professional chefs where an honest exchange of ideas and information can flow. A forum for culinary interactivity.
A Kitchen Training Manual
A basic kitchen training manual for preparing new cooks. This is a hands-on training program which combines theory with a lot of practice. Includes an on-line exam reviewing 12 of the important fundamental points.
US Researchers Develop Instant E. Coli Bacteria Test
Thursday December 12 11:37 PM EST

BERKELEY, Calif. (Reuter) - "Researchers said Thursday they have developed a sensor that, for the first time, can instantly detect toxic E. coli bacteria and could be cheap enough to put in a drink bottle cap."

Here is some very promising news that can help all of us in the business of serving food. Ever since the infamous "Jack in the Box" scandal the going-out-to-eat public has become more cautious, and with reason. Now perhaps there is a panacea, and an easy to use, instant test of a food products wholesomeness. However, it would seem to me that if this test can do what it claims, then any kind of contaminated processed food product should be able to be detected at the source, before it reaches the consumer or chef. Surely such a simple test could be utilized in the plant, so the need to "put it in a bottle cap" is really not necessary. What do you think? Discuss it with other professional chefs!
For a very good informative paper on e.coli that a chef and layman can read and understand, with practical applications see the E. Coli Primer and learn much more about e. coli 0157:57.
Ever Onward Personalized Vacations
Get informed about another niche area of the world of food. Linda offers a very interesting list of unusual "moving" vacations. A self taught chef of 10 years experience cooking on the high seas in small yachts she offers to point any chefs interested in this nautical profession in the right direction. She also has her a gourmet recipe page and will print recipes from chefs. To quote Linda,
"I have a travel web site with a gourmet food section and would love to have recipes and foodie info to publish from all of you fabulous chefs. I myself worked as a chef (self taught) on luxury yachts for over ten years. If anyone would like info on how to get into this lucrative area of the biz please email me and I'll give you a few hints. But please, check out my site, wait for the main page to load and then click on the food. Tell me what you think of my truffle recipe."
Casa de Campo Resort and Hotel
See the Caribbean resort where the "Beautiful" people come to relax, and refresh. Eight restaurants located within Casa de Campo and Altos de Chavon cater to the fancies and demands of all the guests, artists, and the owners of the beautiful villas within. Actually resembling a wealthy suburb in "Any city" USA, Casa de Campo makes most Americans feel very much at home.
Mango Madness, the revered fruit.
The Sanskrit word for mango means "Of The People", which dervies from the important role the fruit plays in the every day life of these people. A valuable food cultivated source, a refreshing beverage, a reocurring thread in the culture, religion and lifestyle of the region of it's origin, southern Asia, especially India, Burma and the Andaman Islands..
One of the most celebrated of the tropical fruits, it is the member of the"Anacardiaceae" family, reknown for it's numerous poisionous plants. Proof of the extent to which the mango is know if confirmed by the usage of it's name in many different languages, ususally with very little change. If you are interested in this great fruit then continue further.
Line Cooks Com
"We are a group of hardworking, underpaid, dedicated line cooks who possess a strong love affair in fine dining and the enjoyment of eating."'
See for yourself what is currently afoot in the kitchen's of a Sonoma County, Ca. hotel.
a Recipe Rolodex
Don't miss this unusual electronic recipe card file. Done in frames, it highlights tropical Caribbean recipes with photos.
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