"Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy"

A Pregnancy Loss Bible Study

by Teale Fackler and Gwendolyn Kik

Threads of Hope, Pieces of Joy is a Bible study workbook that has been designed to sensitively minister to the needs of individuals or groups who have experienced a pregnancy loss through miscarriage, stillbirth or any form of early infant death.

The study revolves around a fictional quilt story and follows with meaningful questions and Scripture references. Lesson one begins with the painful questions that follow a pregnancy loss. Some sample questions are:

Where do I go to find the truth?

Where does life come from?

Why was my baby too weak to live?

Can I ever understand why?

How can God help me deal with losing my baby?

After ten weeks of working through the stages of grief, Threads of Hope ends with a beautiful memorial to your child. We hope that this Bible study may help the thousands who have experienced pregnancy loss and would like permission to grieve, permission to love.

The Quilt Story

About Teale Fackler and Gwen Kik

Our Personal Stories of Pregnancy Loss

Bible Study Leader's Notes

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