Last Updated: April 17, 2009
Greetings from the Beck-N-Call Corp., a subsidiary of Fluff-A-Nutter Enterprises. We are experimenting with new concepts and ideas. For a site run completely by smoking monkeys, I think we're doing pretty well. Welcome to our site, we hope you enjoy your stay. And watch out for falling clubs.

April 17, 2009 - Sketch here. We're doing minor things around the site. I am hella excited about going to see Penn and Teller LIVE in Atlantic City. Be jealous. Be very jealous. By the way, if you're going too, drop me a line and maybe we can meet up before or after the show and hang out, fan to fan. It's always great meeting new fans. I'm going to be working on some stories and drawings on this site. Hopefully some new chapters will be going up on the stories page soon. See ya round.
PS - Hoping to put up some P&T screen shots and updates soon. Or something. Meh.

February 23, 2008 -
Believe it or not, boys and girls, we've actually been hard at work, doing things on this site without telling you. You know, aside from updates, corrections and extensions on our poems and stories.  I don't know what they are, but they are.
May 29, 2007 -
Well, been gone a whole year and what do I have to show for it? Three new movie reviews and a few updates to the stories. I am soo ashamed. Well, glad to be back. Come on, summer!
May 2, 2006 -
Wow, two updates in two days. How awesome is that? We've added about a page to the Torment and Redemption story. Not that anyone cares. Well, see ya soon.
May 1, 2006 -
Nothing much new to report. Just wanted to show that we're still here. Hi!! We're getting ever closer to our 2500th visitor. If you are our 2500 visitor, please e-mail us for a small prize. Yay.
April 24, 2006 -
Back again and it's been less than a month. Muah hah hah!! Anyway, we added a few new pages to the links section. See if you can spot them. If you have a web site you want us to promote here, we will gladly do it. We're looking for help with our web site. If you are interested, e-mail Sketch. The link is around here somewhere. We're too lazy to put it up here. Although, with all the energy spent typing that fact, we could have put up the e-mail address. Oh well. What law says we have to make sense, huh?
Added note: We also added a new article to the Mofoan Times, located in the Church of Teller and Monastery of Penn.

April 11, 2006 -
Great to be back. Having some computer network problems here in our offices. We'll be working around it though. Trying to keep up with updates. We have new fan art. Check back for more soon.
February 22, 2006 -
First formal update of the year. I've updated Penn's Filmography and I will be adding the beginnings of a new story in the story page. If you can spot it, you're good. We'll begin posting the work of our newest staffers soon. Keep an eye peeled.
November 30, 2005 -
It's after 4 AM  and I'm tired as all hell, but I had to update. We've put up the first installment of a story about Mortimer, a character from The Fantasticks, a part played by Teller in the film version. What can I say? We were bored and felt like writing one day. Let us know you're still out there people. We can hear you breathing. We are accepting submissions. Oh, and a big welcome back to Spooky, who has returned from internet limbo.
October 10, 2005 -
Yo, peeps. What's new with you? Not much going on here at Beck -N- Call Corp. We're working behind the scenes and tweaking a few things. We're keeping what's working and tossing what's not. We will be getting a new forum eventually so keep an eye skinned for that. And more ideas are brewing here. If we don't see you again before the 31st, Happy Halloween, sports!
August 18, 2005
- We have even more pictures of fans with Penn And Teller. Thank you Emmaleth, Sherry and Laurapat. We also have a pic of a meet-up of fans in NYC. We have a picture of the miraculous Holy Bologna on the Penn and Teller sightings page. May the bologna bless you.
July 26, 2005
- Two updates in one month! WOW! Okay, we have some new poems by Mofo Tightcircle's very own Psycho and we have a new fan pic submitted by CartmanChick of her with P&T in the infamous Monkey Room seen on While You Were Out. That's about it for now. Check back soon. We may have more.
July 14, 2005
- We have just taken a count and we have had over 2000 hits!!! Yay. Okay, we have a few new pictures of Penn and Teller with their fans. We also have a few new things going up and a few minor changes to make here and there and when we're done, you guys out there will be the first to know, barring the staff of course. Enjoy your perusal.
This Week's Quote:
Almost every problem I face is right between my ears.

-Ben Stein