October 28,2004
WOW I cant believe its been a month since I updated the this site I am sorry about that, I have no excuses except FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 86 YEARS WE FINALLY BEAT THE CURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok so thats not an excuse but a girl can try can't she ;)
not much to change but I redid the lay out a litte... I will by the end of this weekend have up the tentative dates and itinary.
September 22, 2004
A letter from the Webmaster-

       Due to some very unforseen circumstances I have not had a computer for a very long time, therefore I have been completely unable to do anything with my website but now I am back with a vengance. You will be seeing some drastic changes.

I also hope this hasn't inconvienced anyone with any plans for the trip I do still plan on holding the event and possibly a few gatherings in Massachusetts for those of you who live in the area.

I am expecting to do some great things with this and hope to make it a fun and exciting so everyone will want to do it again, and again...


Jillian Hinds

BTM Spring advantage 2001

September 23,2004
September 23,2004

What's New!!!! Finally I got a registration form up and on the way fill it out and mail it back to me!!!

September 23, 2004
Hello everyone... I know a lot of people have emailed me with all sorts of questions, basically about anythinhg..however since I was offline for so long my email address wdwcpreunion@yahoo.com was deleted and I can't get any of that info back so if you subscribed to the mailing list I need you to do it again my new email address is thunderthug@msn.com from now on any questions should be submitted to that thank you all

Also do to the overwhelming response to whether or not we should change from May to June I have decided to change it to June (actual date yet to be set.)

September 24,2004
I just wanted everyone to know that I am going on a trip to Disney World.. December 11th-15th Ill be down for

and ill also be going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party for the first time ever im so excited about it. So if any ones gunna be there for this time let me know and maybe we can do something... TTFN ta ta for now

September 27,2004
I designed a new logo... what do you all think?

September 27,2004
I added two new links today....
a time line of events