Psychotic Ramblings of a
Like every other screwed up mental case on the net, I am a hack writer. I write mostly essays. I also write some poetry and some fiction. I will post some here. Much of it is depressed ramblings. Some of it happy. All of it really doesn't matter.
The Tirade - Stream of consciousness essay on my beliefs, goals and peeves.
Poetry - I am fairly new at poetry. Most of my poetry is relatively happy stuff. Compared to my essays that is. Hope you enjoy it.

Dodging Bullets - This is the single best thing I have ever written. Poem, Essay or Letter, this is the cream of Krummm's Crop. A poem I wrote in the depth of depression.

Games - written for a friend recently hurt.

Essays - I have been writing essays for quite a bit longer than poetry. Tend to write them when I am depressed, so be warned.